Friday, January 11, 2008

Talking to Brent yesterday, he said some thoughts to ponder about my not so recent loss.

He said that I might be even free of the obligations, that maybe my missing that person moments is worth of the bliss I'm experiencing now, and choices Ive made didn't do me less. But of course, I didn't really know what's going on through that person's head so it made me guilty for a year and a couple of months.

Oh, and I showed him the worthless crap that someone copied from my site, and he described her as a "CHEAP PIRATED COPY". Haha. Brenti sure knows how to bitch around other people, even though he's a guy. LOL


Now, I'm facing again with another loss. Sai, who has been a dear to me for a few months of her stay in the company is getting ready to pack her things and arrange her papers so she could work in Spain. Sure, we've shared the downs together, but its the ups that would make me miss her.

Of course she said that we could even see each other during gimmicks, but I could feel that once she stepped her foot out of the office, everything will change. Like when you're feeling down and needing a friend, you know that she's only a few cubicles away. So anyway, were spending the time she's still here wisely. Since Ive got lots of free tickets to Punchline, we've decided to go there, say, Thursday. We've been also kidding Sir Melan because he's vocal about missing Sai. ROFL.


This is my 16th month in the company. YAY! hehe. Just reminiscing. I have pseudo-plans for the future. I just hope everyone would understand. But of course, I wanna do it in due time. HOPEFULLY.

Weekend already! I'm gonna organize my files at home so Hon could reformat my PC at home. Not only it is taking my internet slow, but it also managed to catch a few deadly viruses as well. So I have nada choice but to take out everything by the weekend since we will not see each other on both days. Sad..

Gotta go. Half a day left. Muah! :D



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