Friday, January 18, 2008

Was supposed to go to Punchline yesterday, but the fact that only four of us will come, and something came up to Sir Melan, we just cancelled the whole thing up and reschedule the send-off thing for Sai. Now were unsure where or when to go. Hahaha. Just that, part of me was disappointed especially when Hon said I would have to spend and all, but the thing is, I just wanted, for once, to know that I spent on something I was happy about. I feel as if I was overburdened with the stuff I have to pay every month, and I need an outlet just for the heck of it.

Though I know everything will change once February comes. And I could save again. Yay! And maybe buy all the shoes I want again. hehehehe.

So out of frustration, Hon and I just went to Divi last night. And I shopped freely again. Meaning there are lesser people now the holidays are over. And the ihaw-ihaw foods are heavenly too. I so love going there.


Speaking of Hon, he will be starting next month at Dell. After bidding goodbye to Sykes, he is now arranging his papers, and getting frustrated at it, to submit to his new office. And he'll be a regular to Mall of Asia because that's where his office is located. And we'd probably spend three days a week there. wahaha. I'm kidding. Though he promised to buy me Krispy Kreme while I'm on my way to MOA so when I get there already, there'll be one waiting for me. rofl.


CCD is back to square one again. Hence, we are looking for new people, that are graduates of Health Allied Courses (Nursing, Physical Therapy, Biology, Psychology, etc.) who could fill up the Customer Care Specialist position. And needing for someone who'll stay for long. (Meaning, if you wanna kill time waiting for something while being here, that would be unnecessary. LOL.) Maam Kit wants someone who would make her/his trainings worth it. Sayang daw kasi yung effort niya.

So were really needing new people. She even requests for someone who has Thomasian blood. I don't know, she just wanted them because she and Sir GVF graduated there, and so am I. hahaha.


I am so hooked to Sodoku Puzzles and Word-Number Games lately. Since Joy taught me how to do it, and I have Brain Genius on my phone, I started being addicted to it. And I always get the Life Section of BusinessMirror on our lobby because of the word games. I remember Nina always photocopying Graphic Magazines just to solve those puzzles. When I started my fondness to the game, Aprelle is timing how long I spend in two puzzles of that day's issue. LOL. But I'm gonna start looking at the internet on whether they have one of those.

Sadly for me, my schedule doesn't permit me to watch Wheel of Fortune. I sooo wanna join the game too. :D When I was in High School, Studio 23 shows the American version of the show. Though I'm really intrigued why they picked Kris Aquino to be the host, when the foreign version has a male one. But anyway, since they labeled her the "ultimate game show host" for every contest there is in ABS-CBN, might as well get along with it, for the nth time. rofl.

Gotta go. Friday again. Mom's making me go to our house in Nova again, but I'm going to a party tomorrow. I'm in such a dilemma. Bye!

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