Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am a bit bothered. And this goes by saying that I didn't know what to do. I mean, it is really nice that she made the one reaching out, but I am not that sure what'll happen next. I mean, should we be friends again, would there be another message after it? What? Good Lord, please give me answers so I could sleep tonight.


Brenti backed out at our Bora plans. Apparently, he has this friend who invited him to go to Batanes that requires him to save money, much lower than our Bora trip. My Gawd. Of course, I couldn't stay mad at him, I mean, its his choice, but its not the first time he bailed out on us. I could still remember what he did for our Galera plans. Sad...

But anyhow, Ive managed to talk Ninya into joining us. Since it'll be on May pa, she said that if the hospital permits her to take a leave, she would definitely come with us. Really, I'm happy that were beginning to plan already. And Hon Hon is very hands on with the planning. Its just that I love seeing a guy taking charge on those stuffs.


Speaking of Hon, if you could only see us yesterday, we've been talking on the phone and watching the same TV show, in our respective houses. Hahaha. Its just that Studio 23 has the fresh episodes from the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy and Hon got interested about it too. But I still wish the whole season be released already. Or I hope it would already end in US so I could get a copy without the commercials and all.

On the other hand, promised myself that cheap pirated copies of Desperate Housewives will be a no-no for me. Sadly, I was excited to watch the third season, only to find out that it wouldn't play. KAMUSTA NAMAN. So I would look for a copy tonight. By hook or by crook. LOL.


Reports last weekend says there'll be rain. Fortunately, it already stopped and the skies gave way to the sun. I couldn't wait for summer. Plus, Ive already ordered swimsuits because Ive been hearing a team building coming up...hopefully. Just that, the last team building we've been too is a lot of fun, and I met new friends. So this upcoming one, it would be a breeze having to sleep with them, or swim in the dark or even stay up late for a dozen rounds of videoke. (yeah, like last year, we slept at 4am and got up at 7am.)

And it'll be more exciting because we have Joy and Aprelle with us. Unlike the latter, where I have to come with the other departments because I am the only girl from our department who joined. (Come to think of it, I was also the youngest and only girl at CCD that time, not counting my bosses. nyahaha)

And speaking of my uber cool boss, she's been trying to slip me in this publishing company to do freelance so I wouldnt leave my position in the company. Harhar, BRIBERY! rofl. But come to think of it, I could not just earn extra moolah, I could also learn from the ins and outs of fashion magazines. (yeah, because she knows someone there and Ive been trying long enough to get in THAT COMPANY)


Anyway, Ive gotta go. Pardon the post, its just that I'm really upbeat right now and I haven't posted anything yesterday because Ive been this "overqualified" employee who managed to become a telephone operator yesterday.

* Overqualified- according to the SVP of Medical Affairs and from my boss. LOL

So there, I guess Ive said too much already. I'm kinda tired, even when I talk in my head. Ciao! :D

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