Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy T(h)ree Friends

Im so excited for Sunday. Brent, Mela and I will see each other again because we missed celebrating his birthday this July and we are so busy with our lives that we didnt get to meet each other anymore. But this time, this is really it!!!

Plus were gonna watch Brendan Fraser and Jet Li's, The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor so it will be uber exciting. I really cant wait till Sunday.

I remember when we were in college and our super special thesis. Memories. I also miss Paskuhan, clamoring for an interview, going to central lib to use my lappie in drafting our thesis and asturias to eat merienda and stuff. Lovelite. Hahaha.

I have a funny funny story about two stupid girls. One said she couldnt view the entries of her friend, while the other exclaims that her entries are for her contacts only and since she is her friend, she should have read her posts.


After four deleted blogs, you SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER that you cannot message someone if youre not logged in multiply, dummy. Attention seeking son of a biatch that you are. Feeling mo kasi in na in ka at natutuwa basahin ng mga tao yung grammar mong mali-mali. Well guess what, youre the object of humiliation. Hindi mo alam pano mo kami napapasaya sa araw-araw mong pagpopost. Poser ka pa. Hahahaha.

Enough of my bitchiness, since stupid people never learn. Paimportanteng loser go home!

Will be meeting Ate Ana later so I'll go to San Miguel (or rather Megamall) to get Sir Melan's order. And I will be dragging Jon with me. I just dont know if we could see Llyodie's movie since Judith and Jen wouldnt be coming with us. Too bad. Maybe some other time.

Weekend is coming. Plus two long weekends for August. This should be very exciting. I actually am trying to get in touch with old friends like Maro and Precious,my highschool classmates, Jonnah Lou and Tessa, my elementary bestfriends.

Its really funny how things became for us. That even though we have been separated for so many years already, we still remain FRIENDS. Real friends, and not just because of what we have or what we can offer to each other.

..Because money cant buy us lurve!!!

Gotta go. Important people are waiting. XOXO.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Career-in mo lang Gurl!

When I was young, I had two things I bore in my mind. First to be a doctor and then get married. After a few years, one of them is trashed, while the other is under negotiation.

I cant believe how I thrived to be a journalist when I was so wanting to follow my cousin, Kuya Bernard's footsteps. See, even though he didn't notice it, I was looking up to him because he helps our clan whenever someone's sick or is needing check-ups and stuff. I so wanted to be like him and the nice white robe doctors used to wear. But then in high school, I figured that I cannot be a doctor. No doctor is afraid of her own bleeding hand or get nauseous whenever someone pukes. Though I always respected them. I was so afar from my dream, and I know I couldn't bring it back. Maybe that's why I get so mad whenever a doctor tries to rip-off his patient, or act high and mighty.

No offense to medicine, but I was happy with my current career. I get paid to write, research and go places. It might be different from what I dreamt of, like trolling around the world and writing about the beauty of the seven continents, but this is also rewarding. Writing for a company might be bland sometimes, but its mostly fun whenever you talk to so many people and knowing that interviews do not just measure to writing for the company but knowing all of them better. If you know what I mean.


And even though I couldn't be a doctor, at least I could see some of them here in the office. LOL.

I cant wait for August 16! We'll be celebrating the ALC Organization Day again. And this time, it will be held at the World Trade Center, Makati Skyline. Sosyal na. hehehe. And I guess it really is time to move to a better location. I guess it has something to do with their old venue, that they needed to change because even though it is near our place, most employees of the ALC Group are scattered everywhere. fair enough. :D

And on August 17, I have to attend Andi's baptismal since Hon is her godfather. LOL. We also brought gifts already. Its so cute because there are too many pink products for babies. So I think that when its time for me to have a baby girl, she would be so kikay and girly. And she has to learn ballet. Yeah, another one of my frustrations when I was a child.

I know, I'm only twenty-two but I'm already thinking of my future marriage, I guess in that aspect, I grew up too early. I was already planning for my coming-out party since I was seven and I thinking of my wedding dress when I was twelve, so pardon the mommy-to-be talks since I know that someone would be allergic that I am already talking of that. (Though he wanted to ask David Tutera to be the wedding planner when we get married, Yeah, as if THAT WOULD HAPPEN!!)

..Ako pala yung allergic, and not him. hahahahaha.


I wanna watch Pushing Daisies again. It got so bitin when Olive found out that Chuck's real mom is her aunt, Lily. I believe Season 1 is not over yet. Basta, watch it, super ganda. I was hooked. hehe.

Have to go. Later! :D

Monday, July 28, 2008


Today, PGMA has said her piece in her State of the Nation Address.

Before anything else, let me remind that I am not a big fan of politics. Never was, never will. But since this concerns the country, I feel so patriotic that I actually googled her address.

It started at 4pm and lasted for 57 minutes, at the House of Representatives in Quezon City.

As expected, she stressed out on the economy of the country, and urges the Congress to pass the Consumer Bill of Rights.

She also quoted " "Sa pagmahal ng bilihin, hirap na ang mamimili tapos dadayain pa. Dapat itong mahinto. Hinihiling ko sa Kongresso na magpasa ng Consumer Bill of Rights laban sa price gouging, false advertising at iba pang gawain kontra sa mamimili"

She also asked the government to unite, instead of having the three branches of the government passing judgements to one another.

So she got the 101 times applause.



I am not a fan of Arroyo. But during her post, she has managed to make ups and downs in the government. Though I really feel sorry for her whenever people points their finger to her in terms of the poverty issues. I mean, sure, corruption is part of the administration, but poverty may be diminished if people really tries to work hard and not blame others for their shortcomings.

Anyhoo, someone who grew up with a silver spoon who didnt experience poverty shouldnt say more. hehehe. I feel blessed, but in the same time, even those who are rich do experience the crisis that's been happening in the country.

So as our EVP-GM imparted at our last G.A, we all must be prudent with our resources. Not just because we have them now, means we should waste them all.

And I truly agree with that.


Since yesterday was a bum day, I watched too many DVDs but was happy to make it through the mass even though it was raining hard.

I was so inspired by what Father said to the attendees of the mass. He said that the things you value the most and you give importance to are your treasures. And the fact that we have been present despite the rain is very noble of us. Why? Because by going to mass, amidst the odds of getting up, we managed to let God see that we prioritize Him. Awww. I almost cried.

Dyahe kasi I went to mass by myself. Good thing I bumped into my friend Joy after the mass so there's someone I went home with. (Oo Anne, si Joy Ann nakita ko. Nagulat nga ako eh. Namiss ko tuloy ang mga Baguio moments natin nung kids pa tayo. At ang pagkukulong sa kwarto nila para mag-iyakan) haha. When you think about those memories, everything feels so shallow, but it feels good to have real friends, no matter how far the distance may be.

Have to go. Muahhuggz!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oooh Baby!

Lately, Ive been so fond with Ate Ana's (Hon's cousin) baby, Andi. I haven't seen her yet, but everytime I look at her friendster pictures, I couldn't help but download them and turn it into something a little sassy. Here's proof to my addiction to photoshop and Andi..

Pretty little angel that she is could not help but snuggle at her blankie. How cute, though I am not wishing for one YET. Someday, but not so soon. Though I'm hoping to turn more kiddie pictures into something colorful. Told Hon I would do one of Sophia next because Sophie could beat all the children in modelling for an ad.

I don't know why this suddenly happened to me. Maybe because I don't have a sister or a younger female cousin to play with. And Hon has this huge family where most of his cousin's or sister's offspring are girls.

I remember telling my Mom to exchange my baby brother for a new sister. Well, I was six then and I didn't know that it was non-negotiable. Hahaha. Now that Ive grown up, I feel really bad that I told him when we were kids that he souldnt have existed and I couldve had a second sister, if my Mom didn't have a miscarriage. I don't know, its just a defense whenever we fight. LOL.


I feel as if this has been one of the lousiest weekends ever. We didn't get to go out. Due to heavy rainpours and budget restraints. hahahaha. I need a new sideline. Or go back to school. Or must ask HR about the MA courses that they are offering. Must move now before its too late. :D

Few more days before August starts kicking in. ALC Organization Day on the sixteenth and two non-working holidays are in store for us. I so love holidays. I just wish I could go out or something. Jon has been pushing Ate Judith to travel, but she declines, telling him that its always raining. Then he said "Ano ba Judith nasan ang ulan?". Now he got his wish, leaving him dumbfounded that after he has said that, its been raining cats and dogs eversince. His stupid mouth. Though he proposes we should go to Baguio since it would be colder by this time and Ate Juds hasn't been there. I wanted to, but Ive been there since uh, I really cant forget because we often go there every summer and I wanted to try new places.

My former officemate and soon-to-be kumare, Gerdah told me that she would help me secure myself a passport. HongKong na to!!!! Well, I know I still have to save, or have to like, win the lottery or something to go overseas.

Someday Ria, someday. :D

I miss Joedy. Nung una, sa Bora lang sha. Ngayon nasa Singapore na nagwowork. Sana ayain mo naman kami ni Gerdah jan, para hindi lang tayo Starcity nagpupunta or sa Bora nagkikita. hehehehe.


Oh well, I guess it isn't time yet. I know I am made to trotter the globe someday (or maybe parts of the world at least ; ) hehe)

After all, this is still a close-to-perfect life I'm having. Bye you peeps! :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


September is nearing already.. I'm excited not just because of my birthday but my uber favorite series will be back on the first day of the month.

Yun lang. The sole reason that's making me happy right now. You know, the clothes, the drama and the intriguing issues of the Upper East Side.



Wala eh, ang ang kilala niyo kasi si Mariel Rodriguez. Puro kayo I LOVE IT! Pero super natutuwa sa pagsuot ng Blairbands. Loser. Baka kailangan niyo pa ng Gossip Girl Primer. Hahaha.


The ad I made for our company came out of Business Mirror already! Yay! In fairness, hindi pa ko Advertising major niyan ha. LOL. The layout was simple and neat so it wasn't really for a graphic design or something. Though now, I have been experimenting Photoshop (again). Thanks to our thesis adviser and Computer Professor Jeff Aquino. Yay again! hehe. Really, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't know what masking and vector means or even the power of a healing brush. Hehe. Now I wonder where Sir Jeff might be. The last time Mela and I saw him was the night before his flight to Amsterdam. Nakaka-miss din pala yun. Actually, he was the first person to encourage us in blogging. When Mela, Brent and I got so hooked, we decided to make it our thesis paper. It snagged us a whopping 1.0 grade, but did not make it to the notable thesis. But anyway, its better because now, we were kind of referenced for our work. Plus Maam Arriola did not think our paper is mundane. hehe.

I miss USTe. Maybe that's why I get so envious whenever Grayzie visits my Alma Mater. But I promised to be present in 2011. Saan ka pa ba naman sa 400 year old University.


I gotta go. Muah!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The 26th Monthsary

I know this is late, but you know that this qualifies for everything.


After 791 days, I know that I would STILL continue to love you. I know, you dont like to bring the past back, but the four years of waiting is worth it. The four years of fighting like cats and dogs are now funny when I look back to it. And I would never trade it for anything. As I quote Mr. Leezak in Just Married, he said

"Some days your mother and me loved each other. Other days we had to work at it. You never see the hard days in a photo album... but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next. I'm sorry your honeymoon stunk but that's what you got dealt. Now you gotta work through it. Sarah doesn't need a guy with a fat wallet to make her happy. I saw how you love this girl. How you two lit each other up. She doesn't need anymore security than that"

Awww, how sweet. And I live by what he said, because we both know how perfect we are for each other. Fights or no fights, wag nga lang yung katulad ni Tom and Sarah. LOL.


Yesterday, I was on a scheduled leave, so I made him file his leave too. hehehe. We spent the day together and had dinner at A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante in Mall of Asia. The pizzas were huge and the pastas are over the top delicious. Daming great finds ni Hon Hon lately. Now we know why were getting fat every minute. hehehe.

Were supposed to watch Mamma Mia, but didnt have time to do so anymore. Just fooled around nalang. I dont know why he keeps on suggesting that movie. Maybe because he know I love musicals and stuff. But you know what I would love more? Lea Salonga's "Cinderella". I dont know, I just feel that I might've liked it than the movie. I'm having Miss Saigon flashbacks, it shouldve been Lea when they went here. But we weren't scheduled to her performance. Sayang talaga.


Have to go. Back to reality. Muah!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home Blog

I finally blogged at home. Its just that, finally, my connection's up and running. THANKS TO HON. For making Vista and Internet possible. Harharhar.

Went to Quiapo this morning with Hon and Lester and let them buy their own stuffs. Techie stuffs actually. My brother wanted to buy something for his iTouch and Hon for his videocam. And because he noticed that I was empty-handed going home, he bought me a Pushing Daisies DVD and let me watch it. So far, Ive seen four episodes already, and it was enjoying and romantic. See, Ned can bring back people to life, but only for a minute. So if that minute passed already, the consequence would be that another person could die. Although the one he brought back to life could live, that person would be die if he touched it again. It comes too easy, BUT he learned that he brought back her childhood sweetheart to life. So imagine how he went to extremes just so he wouldnt kill he back.

At first, I was hesitant to watch it, because I thought it would be a suspense thingie, but it was kinda satire pala, and the videography is good because it is like Amelie-type of films. I cant wait to actually finish it. hehehe. OMG, I am a series-addict already. I guess it started with Melrose Place, Beverly Hills and Saved by the Bell. Then came Sabrina, Felicity, Charmed, Seventh Heaven, Gilmore Girls, and now Gossip Girl, Heroes and Pushing Daisies. I think I may have missed more pa. hahaha. I dont know, I enjoy it THAT much talaga eh. To the point of really waiting for it to come out of the boobtube and actually imitating their sense of style, how they talk and all that.

And studies showed that people who watch or are fond of a certain character could usually see himself/herself with the actor's personality. So you know, how I love Rory Gilmore because she thrives on being a journalist, Phoebe Halliwell because she screw up things effortlessly but end up being a nice person in the end, and lastly, Blair, on how she bitches up people, not much of that, but you know, being mean on people you dont really like,while being vulnerable at the same time because you used to have so much trust on people.


It Sunday already. Guess I have to slep early to do laundry and weekend chores. And Im'a turn the laptop for my brother to use. Sucky dial-up pa kasi eh.

Gotta go now! Monday, I'll be on leave. Shempre may date na naman. hehehe. Muah!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Its Been Too Long..

Since I actually enjoyed going out.

Since I was a part of a song

Since I joined an org

Since I read a good book

..Since I last blogged. ^__^


I actually do not have much to blog. Maybe because I have focused much on my career life lately. Or its just about purely business. Ive been caught up with much pretty things lately (read: headbands) that I couldnt realize that there are more important things than posing in front of a camera or writing an article that people would most likely to criticize.

Last night, I was having a serious face-to-face Photoshop moment. And because we were taking pictures of ourselves wearing the Blairbands I bought from Chim, I thought of editing them just for the fun of it. Seriously, it has been how many months since I played with the tool right? But then I realized that I was blessed to edit just the backgrounds and stuff.

See when we were in college, Brent and I used to brag on how our metabolism serves us fast, but then I would attack that "At least I dont have pimples on my face". The bitchy friends that we are. haha. Even Hon Hon gets mad whenever I tease him about pimples and blotches on his face. But you know, its just the usual fun. Its not like Im perfect or anthing right?


Its mid-July already and my birthday's getting near. He said he wanted to go to the beach. But its crazy because as all of us know, its been raining cats and dogs when you least expect it. AND KNOWING MY BIRTHDAY, it will probably rain. So I'm really not sure about it. And besides I'm really trying to save now. I know its early, but I think Im having this quarter-life crisis or something. I know, Im not that materialistic, but I feel that its better to start the future now. (Ay, BDO? harhar)

Damn, we'll be twenty-three na. Though, as if I look my age. nyahahaha. Forever young. LOL.


I have to go. I realized that its a Friday and I have to do more stuff than the usual. Love yah guys! Muah! :D

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brains and Beauty

As of ten-something-AM, Miss Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2008. :D

I'm not much of a fan of Miss Universe so whatever happened during the competition, that I do not know. As my friend Marky, who filed his leave to watch the show. hehe.

Anyhoo, all Ive heard was Miss USA tripping during the long gown competition, Miss Thailand winning the best national costume and Miss El Salvador as Miss Congeniality. Oh and the top five includes Miss Mexico, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Colombia and Miss Venezuela and Miss Russia.

Miss Philippines did not win anything, though she has been confident during her interviews that she MIGHT snag a prize or two.

Anyhoo, the fact that she won Binibining Pilipinas is enough for me. No one could ever take that kind of glory. After all, she is a fellow UST Alumna.


Watched KIDNAP last night. It featured the actual footages and reenactments of the Ces Drilon and company's abduction. Good thing she was smart enough to tag along with her cameramen or she might have been of of the Abu Sayyaf's victims (if you know what I mean)

Right now, she is facing a three month suspension, according to Maria Ressa. Its the company's ethics and all.

Back then, I used to thrive the fact that I'm gonna be a newscaster or reporter. Now I'm unsure of that. Yes, some may have the glitz and glamour, going to places, meeting people that are more famous than them, having to be invited in the distinctive events. But if a story would risk your life, and you as a superior, well, that is out of the question.

After all, more journalists and counting have risked their lives already. And I'm happy where I am. I'm a huge sissy. harharhar. Maybe someday, when I'm certain that I could involve in the bloody business. Yaiks!

Gotta go. I have an article coming up which is halfway done. And I don't wanna bet on something I couldn't do. Well at least now that's what I'm certain about.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Super Takes a New Level

I am super multitasking. I have crossed one place to do an interview to another place for a celebration, I have reported, wrote, marketed. And this is a new drive for me. I havent been fearful because I feel as if something is helping me move and grow.

Drama, drama and more drama.

I have so much to do. And I felt sad that I wasnt able to join the celebration of Sir GVF's birthday yesterday. I even brought my cam to witness it all, but I failed to come early. So I just sulked. Badtrip.

And its all because of the interview I have to make in FC Manila.

Seriously, I think the clinic is the best one there is. Well, it should be, since there are so many people who are expecting quality service and wouldnt make them feel stressed. As Anne said, "Parang nakakatakot yung clinic (the former) niyo sa Manila. Yung tipong haunted house". But now, the design is even futuristic. It has been, THANK GOD, better. :D

As I strolled Ermita, I cant help but think of my former workplace. It has been bittersweet memories for the past two years. Back to memory lane, I was somehow happy with the old company. Maybe its just not for me. Well, proving that is my second year on FC. hehe.

But lately, Ive been juggling myself up and down. Im proving to be perfect for my post, wanting to be a good daughter, and TRYING so hard not to look down on anyone. But the latter is impossible, especially when things are trying to bring you closer to the image where you dont wanna be. Sadness.

Mark says we should have a "burn book". I dont know if that might help. It might add to us being mean, and I really am not so much up for it. Mas maganda siguro na nagiging mean ka sa taong mean sayo, kaysa sa mga taong wala namang ginagawang masama sayo. Ayt?

Though sometimes, its true that you have to level with some people. Pero sa tamang level. haha.


Will cheer for our Company at tomorrow's bowling tournament. And will be having a date.

Weekend pa ba tawag dun? hindi na ata. Damn.

Gotta go! Muah!

Monday, July 07, 2008


As my bestfirend Carmela said, pathetic people are the ones end up imitating you from head to toe, including your fashion statement."

Most of the people know how I love Blair. If not, imagine my boyfriend's ears being chewed off on our daily conversations about her, about how pretty she is, how I love her sense of style (If its not evident enough to my closet full of headbands and tights). That how badly I love her, enough to make her an icon to a day to day basis.

But really, I am already imitating her. So why is this psycho bitch ended up imitating me too?

Meet the PSYCHO BITCH Im talking about. Most of my blog readers already know how I am fond of killing her. We started knowing each other because I saw her private parts in my boyfriend's email and claiming that they would be doing something together. But as we quote, unquote "the goodness of her heart", she did not meet up with my boyfriend to cheat on me.

At first, it was believable. But then I realized that this person is not even close to a one-night stand material. Seriously, if you could have seen her, you would puke. No offense to her boyfriend, but she told me that she werent satisfied with you. So she resorted to going to online chatting and porn sites to replace a bit time without you. If that isnt insulting enough you know?

But then I was fed to her lies. I cant even believe that I even trusted her piece of information that my boyfriend. Kamusta ka naman Ria?!?

Anyhoo, as time passes, I didnt give a damn anymore because I thought that the issue is through, kaput, over. But most of my friends realized how much she is becoming more and more of a copycat, including I, her object of imitation.

First of all, I never once said how I owned the world, but evidently, I try SO MUCH to stand up and be different because I love myself and I associate it to the stories and shows I can be very similar too. Well, at least theyre just TV Shows right? Pero kasi, Im tired of being an experiment of your ugliness. My friend Brent even referred her as a "CHEAP PIRATED COPY". Are you loving that now? Kasi if I were thrown that kind of insult, I would just kill myself now.

And this happened before Blair and the headband, mind you. And now that Im so fond of Blair, she just happened to be fond of Big Ribbons and Headbands! Should we believe that? Sorry, but I'm not buying it. Clearly, you havent been tired of visiting my blog, and looking at my pictures.

I havent put my blog into a private profiled one to prove everybody that I wouldnt be affected by the psycho bitch, but since this is the last straw and I have already took a past on the numerous things of her copying me. If you havent noticed, I tortured myself already on being quiet about it.


So stop copying me. How I pose, how love things in this world, and lastly not my passion for writing. Buti nga gumagamit ka na ng dictinary eh. Good for you. But IT WOULDNT MAKE YOU MORE OF A PERSON. You would still be associated to a psycho-bitch who doesnt know how to live her own life and resorted to copying other people. If that makes you happy, be my guest. but you know, YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU REALLY CANNOT HIDE. EVER!

I hope this shuts your copycat ways from now on. After all, you have already closed what, four blogs already? Im not making you close another blog again, but I hope you know where you SHOULD PLACE YOURSELF. Mahiya ka naman kasi hindi ka nakakatuwa. You can bribe all your friends, and even your boyfriend by spending for them, but in the end, hindi ka naman masaya. So sinong loser dun? Ako ba? Sinong napahiya? Ako din ba?

LOGIC MY DEAR. Ay sorry, meron ka ba nun? Wala ata kasi puro pangongopya lang alam mo.


Im sorry but the bitching never stops until I say so.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Cant Wait for Harry!

Speculations have said that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be shown this November. Harry Potter's World has already posted screencaps from the movie too. I myself couldn't wait to see Harry, Hermione and Ron again. :D

But I know that this will be a sad movie, considering that Dumbledore will leave them. (Sorry for being a spoiler but I expected everyone to have read the book by now, you know. :D) Anyhoo, when I first read it, it wasn't it a book, but on the computer screen instead. Its just that hardbounds cost too much for me that time and I just had to finish it. So armed with my lappie, I would read it every night for a week. And at that weekend, I didn't know if I was crying because my eyes hurt, or because their Headmaster died. haha.

Plus it made it hate Snape more. Though of course, I understood it at the last book. :P

So yeah, I am really excited about it, and I DO HOPE that it'll be shown in IMAX 3D again. And I WISH that it'll be a full 3D movie unlike the last one, where we have to put up with a 20-minute 3D scene.

God, I wish it'll be November already. :D


Though I am also praying that it'll be September already.

haha. Not only because its my birthday, but the second season of Gossip Girl will air in the States. I just hope ETC will be in tune with the program so I wouldn't have to download it. And Blair is so cute with her outfit. Let me give you a visual...

But where is the famous headband? :D

I'm not usually violent, but I hate how Mariel Rodriguez tries to upstage everyone by copying Blair. Its just that Leighton Meester is not credited for the fashion, and Mariel gets all the attention. I don't hate her. But please, you're not the original, so please don't try to take credit for it. Seriously.


A very showbiz post. hehehe. I don't know, I just cant get the hang of the shows I'm watching. Tapos lately, SBN 21/ ETC has been a favorite station at our house and showbiz news have gone far already. Like the one where Hon said that Mariah and her boyfriend got married already, and I was like, "Hon, 3 weeks ago na yang news mo!, Napakita na sa Daily Top 10.hehehe" But nothing beats his favorite show, The Party Planner with David Tutera. I don't know why he loves watching it, and he hates gays for one. Weird. But the show's really cool naman. Its just unlikely of him to watch that. LOL.

And again, its a weekend. I finally finished watching Grey's Anatomy Season 4, I loaned it to Judith so she can have a piece of McDreamy for two days. As for me, I will have to look for my loot box and see what movies to watch.

Gotta go! XOXO..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Two Movies in A Row

What I love most about Hon Hon is his willpower to be patient enough...well, some of the time. Yesterday, since it is Pasig Day and I don't have work, we decided to watch two of our most-awaited movies, Made of Honour and Wanted. And since we don't want to argue on what movie to watch, so we decided to take both accounts. hehehe.

Anyhoo, contrary to what my friend, Brent said, I didn't like Wanted. Maybe to others, but the story is too depressing for me. I wouldn't spoil na rin because others haven't watched it yet. So if you're only rooting to see Angelina Jolie's body or engross to bloody stuff, then be my guest and watch it. LOL.

On the other hand, I could very well relate to Made of Honour's Hannah. Plus all her dresses are pretty. Its sort of My Bestfriend's Wedding, but only cooler, plus of course, an eye-candy McDreamy is there so I'm rooting for this one. :D

After that, went to look for Mico's gift (hon's nephew) at Rustan's. I was also looking for my cousin Edmund's bday but theyre too pricey for me. Maybe when I'm promoted or something nalang. hehehe.


Okay, so no more hard-hitting news for me today. Philippines is way depressed already and have been in too much trying times. I just hope that someday, we could all rise above what is happening these days.


Dad wanted to go to Tagaytay and Cavite (again) this weekend to visit my cousins. So far, they are the only ones who are closest to us, thank God. Though I really wanted to go to Iloilo again. In time, I know I could go back.

Things are somehow back to normal...or so I really hope..


I have to go now. Friday na naman tomorrow! :D

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No Work For Me

Its Pasig Day today. Hence, I chose not to go to work. Though the office is still open today, Jon and Grace volunteered to be with Maam Kit today. But Im still slaving at the computer and doing an article I was supposed to pass yesterday. Hahaha.

Last night, our team finally had our mini-outing to Dad's Mega. Twas really fun because CCD is complete again. I mean, I have been in a lot of CCD outings and this probably is the best one so far. I havent been THAT close with the other people kasi. Actually, on the latter part of their stay, things got so confusing that Dude and I cannot trust them anymore. See, Alex is a friend, and anything he says to me are true, so I did took his side of the fight. :D

So anyhoo, I was so full yesterday. Good thing my tummy didnt ache. I must have had four blue plates and one of them are sushis galore. Which btw, is one of my favorite things in the world. hehe.


Hon and I will bee seeing each other later. I have been long waitng to watch Made of Honor, and he'd love to see Wanted so we'll have a movie marathon the whole day of those movies. Happy Happy! :D

Roser asked me the other day to sub her for a Journalism lecture at ICAM. Sayang because I couldnt also work it in my busy schedule. Drag! It is my chance pa naman to go back to my Alma Mater and make Ms. Gatchalian, Ms. Robles and my other English mentors proud. Oh well, maybe next time. Or never. Sad...

Maam Roscelle told me to apply for the Corp Comm post. I declined. I know Im not for it. And I would very much stay with Maam Kit, where I could learn than to the other departments and cause another headache. Maybe someday, if they have a really really GOOD, if not GREAT boss like MST. hehehe.


So there, I had a blast posting, but I have to sign off. Buhbye all. :D

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

On Flesh and Blood

Most people who know me can very well understand that I have TRUST issues. I would be deeply hurt by the people I love the most if they disappoint me. I sometimes trust new friends more since they still haven't done anything painful to me. But if its about family, well, that's a very different story.

I grew up without a Mom and a Dad beside me. My Lola Merced fixes me up to school, my Tita Sol tutors, wakes me up and takes care of me when I was in elementary. Only when in High School that I went to Manila with my Mom and my brother. My Dad, is mostly overseas, so I didn't have the chance to actually know him.

Right now, I'm living in a gray matter. I'm not sure whether what or who to believe. I wanted to shout at this person for doing something worse, but even I could not understand how someone could do that to family. I mean, I could break away from them, but then, they're my flesh and blood, and I cannot let go just like that. Hon said, "if you love someone that much, why would you even try to let it go and not try first?"

So I'm trying to understand the gravity of the situation. And hopefully, I'm wrong. Because it would be another stone in my heart. Seriously.


My second family is having dinner at Dad's tonight. We'll be celebrating Maam Kit's comeback. We know, its late already, but things have been so busy that we could only schedule it tonight. And since its Pasig Day tomorrow, its also a va-cay day for moi. :D Happy Happy Happy and a Sushi Party! Yay!

Last Friday naman, we had the successful celebration of the Company's Anniversary. Armed with the full-Blair Waldorf outfit, if I may add. haha. Super fun! Even the whole Jollibee mascots were there, as a tie-up to the company with the new product. Ang cool.


So there, I have to go now. Hopefully, this will all be better. Muah! :D


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