Monday, July 14, 2008

As of ten-something-AM, Miss Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2008. :D

I'm not much of a fan of Miss Universe so whatever happened during the competition, that I do not know. As my friend Marky, who filed his leave to watch the show. hehe.

Anyhoo, all Ive heard was Miss USA tripping during the long gown competition, Miss Thailand winning the best national costume and Miss El Salvador as Miss Congeniality. Oh and the top five includes Miss Mexico, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Colombia and Miss Venezuela and Miss Russia.

Miss Philippines did not win anything, though she has been confident during her interviews that she MIGHT snag a prize or two.

Anyhoo, the fact that she won Binibining Pilipinas is enough for me. No one could ever take that kind of glory. After all, she is a fellow UST Alumna.


Watched KIDNAP last night. It featured the actual footages and reenactments of the Ces Drilon and company's abduction. Good thing she was smart enough to tag along with her cameramen or she might have been of of the Abu Sayyaf's victims (if you know what I mean)

Right now, she is facing a three month suspension, according to Maria Ressa. Its the company's ethics and all.

Back then, I used to thrive the fact that I'm gonna be a newscaster or reporter. Now I'm unsure of that. Yes, some may have the glitz and glamour, going to places, meeting people that are more famous than them, having to be invited in the distinctive events. But if a story would risk your life, and you as a superior, well, that is out of the question.

After all, more journalists and counting have risked their lives already. And I'm happy where I am. I'm a huge sissy. harharhar. Maybe someday, when I'm certain that I could involve in the bloody business. Yaiks!

Gotta go. I have an article coming up which is halfway done. And I don't wanna bet on something I couldn't do. Well at least now that's what I'm certain about.


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