Friday, July 18, 2008

Since I actually enjoyed going out.

Since I was a part of a song

Since I joined an org

Since I read a good book

..Since I last blogged. ^__^


I actually do not have much to blog. Maybe because I have focused much on my career life lately. Or its just about purely business. Ive been caught up with much pretty things lately (read: headbands) that I couldnt realize that there are more important things than posing in front of a camera or writing an article that people would most likely to criticize.

Last night, I was having a serious face-to-face Photoshop moment. And because we were taking pictures of ourselves wearing the Blairbands I bought from Chim, I thought of editing them just for the fun of it. Seriously, it has been how many months since I played with the tool right? But then I realized that I was blessed to edit just the backgrounds and stuff.

See when we were in college, Brent and I used to brag on how our metabolism serves us fast, but then I would attack that "At least I dont have pimples on my face". The bitchy friends that we are. haha. Even Hon Hon gets mad whenever I tease him about pimples and blotches on his face. But you know, its just the usual fun. Its not like Im perfect or anthing right?


Its mid-July already and my birthday's getting near. He said he wanted to go to the beach. But its crazy because as all of us know, its been raining cats and dogs when you least expect it. AND KNOWING MY BIRTHDAY, it will probably rain. So I'm really not sure about it. And besides I'm really trying to save now. I know its early, but I think Im having this quarter-life crisis or something. I know, Im not that materialistic, but I feel that its better to start the future now. (Ay, BDO? harhar)

Damn, we'll be twenty-three na. Though, as if I look my age. nyahahaha. Forever young. LOL.


I have to go. I realized that its a Friday and I have to do more stuff than the usual. Love yah guys! Muah! :D

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