Saturday, July 19, 2008

I finally blogged at home. Its just that, finally, my connection's up and running. THANKS TO HON. For making Vista and Internet possible. Harharhar.

Went to Quiapo this morning with Hon and Lester and let them buy their own stuffs. Techie stuffs actually. My brother wanted to buy something for his iTouch and Hon for his videocam. And because he noticed that I was empty-handed going home, he bought me a Pushing Daisies DVD and let me watch it. So far, Ive seen four episodes already, and it was enjoying and romantic. See, Ned can bring back people to life, but only for a minute. So if that minute passed already, the consequence would be that another person could die. Although the one he brought back to life could live, that person would be die if he touched it again. It comes too easy, BUT he learned that he brought back her childhood sweetheart to life. So imagine how he went to extremes just so he wouldnt kill he back.

At first, I was hesitant to watch it, because I thought it would be a suspense thingie, but it was kinda satire pala, and the videography is good because it is like Amelie-type of films. I cant wait to actually finish it. hehehe. OMG, I am a series-addict already. I guess it started with Melrose Place, Beverly Hills and Saved by the Bell. Then came Sabrina, Felicity, Charmed, Seventh Heaven, Gilmore Girls, and now Gossip Girl, Heroes and Pushing Daisies. I think I may have missed more pa. hahaha. I dont know, I enjoy it THAT much talaga eh. To the point of really waiting for it to come out of the boobtube and actually imitating their sense of style, how they talk and all that.

And studies showed that people who watch or are fond of a certain character could usually see himself/herself with the actor's personality. So you know, how I love Rory Gilmore because she thrives on being a journalist, Phoebe Halliwell because she screw up things effortlessly but end up being a nice person in the end, and lastly, Blair, on how she bitches up people, not much of that, but you know, being mean on people you dont really like,while being vulnerable at the same time because you used to have so much trust on people.


It Sunday already. Guess I have to slep early to do laundry and weekend chores. And Im'a turn the laptop for my brother to use. Sucky dial-up pa kasi eh.

Gotta go now! Monday, I'll be on leave. Shempre may date na naman. hehehe. Muah!

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