Friday, July 04, 2008

Speculations have said that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be shown this November. Harry Potter's World has already posted screencaps from the movie too. I myself couldn't wait to see Harry, Hermione and Ron again. :D

But I know that this will be a sad movie, considering that Dumbledore will leave them. (Sorry for being a spoiler but I expected everyone to have read the book by now, you know. :D) Anyhoo, when I first read it, it wasn't it a book, but on the computer screen instead. Its just that hardbounds cost too much for me that time and I just had to finish it. So armed with my lappie, I would read it every night for a week. And at that weekend, I didn't know if I was crying because my eyes hurt, or because their Headmaster died. haha.

Plus it made it hate Snape more. Though of course, I understood it at the last book. :P

So yeah, I am really excited about it, and I DO HOPE that it'll be shown in IMAX 3D again. And I WISH that it'll be a full 3D movie unlike the last one, where we have to put up with a 20-minute 3D scene.

God, I wish it'll be November already. :D


Though I am also praying that it'll be September already.

haha. Not only because its my birthday, but the second season of Gossip Girl will air in the States. I just hope ETC will be in tune with the program so I wouldn't have to download it. And Blair is so cute with her outfit. Let me give you a visual...

But where is the famous headband? :D

I'm not usually violent, but I hate how Mariel Rodriguez tries to upstage everyone by copying Blair. Its just that Leighton Meester is not credited for the fashion, and Mariel gets all the attention. I don't hate her. But please, you're not the original, so please don't try to take credit for it. Seriously.


A very showbiz post. hehehe. I don't know, I just cant get the hang of the shows I'm watching. Tapos lately, SBN 21/ ETC has been a favorite station at our house and showbiz news have gone far already. Like the one where Hon said that Mariah and her boyfriend got married already, and I was like, "Hon, 3 weeks ago na yang news mo!, Napakita na sa Daily Top 10.hehehe" But nothing beats his favorite show, The Party Planner with David Tutera. I don't know why he loves watching it, and he hates gays for one. Weird. But the show's really cool naman. Its just unlikely of him to watch that. LOL.

And again, its a weekend. I finally finished watching Grey's Anatomy Season 4, I loaned it to Judith so she can have a piece of McDreamy for two days. As for me, I will have to look for my loot box and see what movies to watch.

Gotta go! XOXO..

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