Monday, July 07, 2008

As my bestfirend Carmela said, pathetic people are the ones end up imitating you from head to toe, including your fashion statement."

Most of the people know how I love Blair. If not, imagine my boyfriend's ears being chewed off on our daily conversations about her, about how pretty she is, how I love her sense of style (If its not evident enough to my closet full of headbands and tights). That how badly I love her, enough to make her an icon to a day to day basis.

But really, I am already imitating her. So why is this psycho bitch ended up imitating me too?

Meet the PSYCHO BITCH Im talking about. Most of my blog readers already know how I am fond of killing her. We started knowing each other because I saw her private parts in my boyfriend's email and claiming that they would be doing something together. But as we quote, unquote "the goodness of her heart", she did not meet up with my boyfriend to cheat on me.

At first, it was believable. But then I realized that this person is not even close to a one-night stand material. Seriously, if you could have seen her, you would puke. No offense to her boyfriend, but she told me that she werent satisfied with you. So she resorted to going to online chatting and porn sites to replace a bit time without you. If that isnt insulting enough you know?

But then I was fed to her lies. I cant even believe that I even trusted her piece of information that my boyfriend. Kamusta ka naman Ria?!?

Anyhoo, as time passes, I didnt give a damn anymore because I thought that the issue is through, kaput, over. But most of my friends realized how much she is becoming more and more of a copycat, including I, her object of imitation.

First of all, I never once said how I owned the world, but evidently, I try SO MUCH to stand up and be different because I love myself and I associate it to the stories and shows I can be very similar too. Well, at least theyre just TV Shows right? Pero kasi, Im tired of being an experiment of your ugliness. My friend Brent even referred her as a "CHEAP PIRATED COPY". Are you loving that now? Kasi if I were thrown that kind of insult, I would just kill myself now.

And this happened before Blair and the headband, mind you. And now that Im so fond of Blair, she just happened to be fond of Big Ribbons and Headbands! Should we believe that? Sorry, but I'm not buying it. Clearly, you havent been tired of visiting my blog, and looking at my pictures.

I havent put my blog into a private profiled one to prove everybody that I wouldnt be affected by the psycho bitch, but since this is the last straw and I have already took a past on the numerous things of her copying me. If you havent noticed, I tortured myself already on being quiet about it.


So stop copying me. How I pose, how love things in this world, and lastly not my passion for writing. Buti nga gumagamit ka na ng dictinary eh. Good for you. But IT WOULDNT MAKE YOU MORE OF A PERSON. You would still be associated to a psycho-bitch who doesnt know how to live her own life and resorted to copying other people. If that makes you happy, be my guest. but you know, YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU REALLY CANNOT HIDE. EVER!

I hope this shuts your copycat ways from now on. After all, you have already closed what, four blogs already? Im not making you close another blog again, but I hope you know where you SHOULD PLACE YOURSELF. Mahiya ka naman kasi hindi ka nakakatuwa. You can bribe all your friends, and even your boyfriend by spending for them, but in the end, hindi ka naman masaya. So sinong loser dun? Ako ba? Sinong napahiya? Ako din ba?

LOGIC MY DEAR. Ay sorry, meron ka ba nun? Wala ata kasi puro pangongopya lang alam mo.


Im sorry but the bitching never stops until I say so.

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