Monday, July 28, 2008

Today, PGMA has said her piece in her State of the Nation Address.

Before anything else, let me remind that I am not a big fan of politics. Never was, never will. But since this concerns the country, I feel so patriotic that I actually googled her address.

It started at 4pm and lasted for 57 minutes, at the House of Representatives in Quezon City.

As expected, she stressed out on the economy of the country, and urges the Congress to pass the Consumer Bill of Rights.

She also quoted " "Sa pagmahal ng bilihin, hirap na ang mamimili tapos dadayain pa. Dapat itong mahinto. Hinihiling ko sa Kongresso na magpasa ng Consumer Bill of Rights laban sa price gouging, false advertising at iba pang gawain kontra sa mamimili"

She also asked the government to unite, instead of having the three branches of the government passing judgements to one another.

So she got the 101 times applause.



I am not a fan of Arroyo. But during her post, she has managed to make ups and downs in the government. Though I really feel sorry for her whenever people points their finger to her in terms of the poverty issues. I mean, sure, corruption is part of the administration, but poverty may be diminished if people really tries to work hard and not blame others for their shortcomings.

Anyhoo, someone who grew up with a silver spoon who didnt experience poverty shouldnt say more. hehehe. I feel blessed, but in the same time, even those who are rich do experience the crisis that's been happening in the country.

So as our EVP-GM imparted at our last G.A, we all must be prudent with our resources. Not just because we have them now, means we should waste them all.

And I truly agree with that.


Since yesterday was a bum day, I watched too many DVDs but was happy to make it through the mass even though it was raining hard.

I was so inspired by what Father said to the attendees of the mass. He said that the things you value the most and you give importance to are your treasures. And the fact that we have been present despite the rain is very noble of us. Why? Because by going to mass, amidst the odds of getting up, we managed to let God see that we prioritize Him. Awww. I almost cried.

Dyahe kasi I went to mass by myself. Good thing I bumped into my friend Joy after the mass so there's someone I went home with. (Oo Anne, si Joy Ann nakita ko. Nagulat nga ako eh. Namiss ko tuloy ang mga Baguio moments natin nung kids pa tayo. At ang pagkukulong sa kwarto nila para mag-iyakan) haha. When you think about those memories, everything feels so shallow, but it feels good to have real friends, no matter how far the distance may be.

Have to go. Muahhuggz!

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