Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lately, Ive been so fond with Ate Ana's (Hon's cousin) baby, Andi. I haven't seen her yet, but everytime I look at her friendster pictures, I couldn't help but download them and turn it into something a little sassy. Here's proof to my addiction to photoshop and Andi..

Pretty little angel that she is could not help but snuggle at her blankie. How cute, though I am not wishing for one YET. Someday, but not so soon. Though I'm hoping to turn more kiddie pictures into something colorful. Told Hon I would do one of Sophia next because Sophie could beat all the children in modelling for an ad.

I don't know why this suddenly happened to me. Maybe because I don't have a sister or a younger female cousin to play with. And Hon has this huge family where most of his cousin's or sister's offspring are girls.

I remember telling my Mom to exchange my baby brother for a new sister. Well, I was six then and I didn't know that it was non-negotiable. Hahaha. Now that Ive grown up, I feel really bad that I told him when we were kids that he souldnt have existed and I couldve had a second sister, if my Mom didn't have a miscarriage. I don't know, its just a defense whenever we fight. LOL.


I feel as if this has been one of the lousiest weekends ever. We didn't get to go out. Due to heavy rainpours and budget restraints. hahahaha. I need a new sideline. Or go back to school. Or must ask HR about the MA courses that they are offering. Must move now before its too late. :D

Few more days before August starts kicking in. ALC Organization Day on the sixteenth and two non-working holidays are in store for us. I so love holidays. I just wish I could go out or something. Jon has been pushing Ate Judith to travel, but she declines, telling him that its always raining. Then he said "Ano ba Judith nasan ang ulan?". Now he got his wish, leaving him dumbfounded that after he has said that, its been raining cats and dogs eversince. His stupid mouth. Though he proposes we should go to Baguio since it would be colder by this time and Ate Juds hasn't been there. I wanted to, but Ive been there since uh, I really cant forget because we often go there every summer and I wanted to try new places.

My former officemate and soon-to-be kumare, Gerdah told me that she would help me secure myself a passport. HongKong na to!!!! Well, I know I still have to save, or have to like, win the lottery or something to go overseas.

Someday Ria, someday. :D

I miss Joedy. Nung una, sa Bora lang sha. Ngayon nasa Singapore na nagwowork. Sana ayain mo naman kami ni Gerdah jan, para hindi lang tayo Starcity nagpupunta or sa Bora nagkikita. hehehehe.


Oh well, I guess it isn't time yet. I know I am made to trotter the globe someday (or maybe parts of the world at least ; ) hehe)

After all, this is still a close-to-perfect life I'm having. Bye you peeps! :D

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