Wednesday, July 23, 2008

September is nearing already.. I'm excited not just because of my birthday but my uber favorite series will be back on the first day of the month.

Yun lang. The sole reason that's making me happy right now. You know, the clothes, the drama and the intriguing issues of the Upper East Side.



Wala eh, ang ang kilala niyo kasi si Mariel Rodriguez. Puro kayo I LOVE IT! Pero super natutuwa sa pagsuot ng Blairbands. Loser. Baka kailangan niyo pa ng Gossip Girl Primer. Hahaha.


The ad I made for our company came out of Business Mirror already! Yay! In fairness, hindi pa ko Advertising major niyan ha. LOL. The layout was simple and neat so it wasn't really for a graphic design or something. Though now, I have been experimenting Photoshop (again). Thanks to our thesis adviser and Computer Professor Jeff Aquino. Yay again! hehe. Really, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't know what masking and vector means or even the power of a healing brush. Hehe. Now I wonder where Sir Jeff might be. The last time Mela and I saw him was the night before his flight to Amsterdam. Nakaka-miss din pala yun. Actually, he was the first person to encourage us in blogging. When Mela, Brent and I got so hooked, we decided to make it our thesis paper. It snagged us a whopping 1.0 grade, but did not make it to the notable thesis. But anyway, its better because now, we were kind of referenced for our work. Plus Maam Arriola did not think our paper is mundane. hehe.

I miss USTe. Maybe that's why I get so envious whenever Grayzie visits my Alma Mater. But I promised to be present in 2011. Saan ka pa ba naman sa 400 year old University.


I gotta go. Muah!

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