Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When I was young, I had two things I bore in my mind. First to be a doctor and then get married. After a few years, one of them is trashed, while the other is under negotiation.

I cant believe how I thrived to be a journalist when I was so wanting to follow my cousin, Kuya Bernard's footsteps. See, even though he didn't notice it, I was looking up to him because he helps our clan whenever someone's sick or is needing check-ups and stuff. I so wanted to be like him and the nice white robe doctors used to wear. But then in high school, I figured that I cannot be a doctor. No doctor is afraid of her own bleeding hand or get nauseous whenever someone pukes. Though I always respected them. I was so afar from my dream, and I know I couldn't bring it back. Maybe that's why I get so mad whenever a doctor tries to rip-off his patient, or act high and mighty.

No offense to medicine, but I was happy with my current career. I get paid to write, research and go places. It might be different from what I dreamt of, like trolling around the world and writing about the beauty of the seven continents, but this is also rewarding. Writing for a company might be bland sometimes, but its mostly fun whenever you talk to so many people and knowing that interviews do not just measure to writing for the company but knowing all of them better. If you know what I mean.


And even though I couldn't be a doctor, at least I could see some of them here in the office. LOL.

I cant wait for August 16! We'll be celebrating the ALC Organization Day again. And this time, it will be held at the World Trade Center, Makati Skyline. Sosyal na. hehehe. And I guess it really is time to move to a better location. I guess it has something to do with their old venue, that they needed to change because even though it is near our place, most employees of the ALC Group are scattered everywhere. fair enough. :D

And on August 17, I have to attend Andi's baptismal since Hon is her godfather. LOL. We also brought gifts already. Its so cute because there are too many pink products for babies. So I think that when its time for me to have a baby girl, she would be so kikay and girly. And she has to learn ballet. Yeah, another one of my frustrations when I was a child.

I know, I'm only twenty-two but I'm already thinking of my future marriage, I guess in that aspect, I grew up too early. I was already planning for my coming-out party since I was seven and I thinking of my wedding dress when I was twelve, so pardon the mommy-to-be talks since I know that someone would be allergic that I am already talking of that. (Though he wanted to ask David Tutera to be the wedding planner when we get married, Yeah, as if THAT WOULD HAPPEN!!)

..Ako pala yung allergic, and not him. hahahahaha.


I wanna watch Pushing Daisies again. It got so bitin when Olive found out that Chuck's real mom is her aunt, Lily. I believe Season 1 is not over yet. Basta, watch it, super ganda. I was hooked. hehe.

Have to go. Later! :D

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