Thursday, July 31, 2008

Im so excited for Sunday. Brent, Mela and I will see each other again because we missed celebrating his birthday this July and we are so busy with our lives that we didnt get to meet each other anymore. But this time, this is really it!!!

Plus were gonna watch Brendan Fraser and Jet Li's, The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor so it will be uber exciting. I really cant wait till Sunday.

I remember when we were in college and our super special thesis. Memories. I also miss Paskuhan, clamoring for an interview, going to central lib to use my lappie in drafting our thesis and asturias to eat merienda and stuff. Lovelite. Hahaha.

I have a funny funny story about two stupid girls. One said she couldnt view the entries of her friend, while the other exclaims that her entries are for her contacts only and since she is her friend, she should have read her posts.


After four deleted blogs, you SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER that you cannot message someone if youre not logged in multiply, dummy. Attention seeking son of a biatch that you are. Feeling mo kasi in na in ka at natutuwa basahin ng mga tao yung grammar mong mali-mali. Well guess what, youre the object of humiliation. Hindi mo alam pano mo kami napapasaya sa araw-araw mong pagpopost. Poser ka pa. Hahahaha.

Enough of my bitchiness, since stupid people never learn. Paimportanteng loser go home!

Will be meeting Ate Ana later so I'll go to San Miguel (or rather Megamall) to get Sir Melan's order. And I will be dragging Jon with me. I just dont know if we could see Llyodie's movie since Judith and Jen wouldnt be coming with us. Too bad. Maybe some other time.

Weekend is coming. Plus two long weekends for August. This should be very exciting. I actually am trying to get in touch with old friends like Maro and Precious,my highschool classmates, Jonnah Lou and Tessa, my elementary bestfriends.

Its really funny how things became for us. That even though we have been separated for so many years already, we still remain FRIENDS. Real friends, and not just because of what we have or what we can offer to each other.

..Because money cant buy us lurve!!!

Gotta go. Important people are waiting. XOXO.

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