Saturday, August 02, 2008

Last night, Jeni and I watched A Very Special Love at Megamall. I know, its teeny-bopper and all, but lets give justice to the actors because they really did so well. As usual, I saw myself in Sarah’s character. You see, there’s this phase in my life where this one guy’s the person Ive decided to spend the rest of my life with, and ended up being hanged on air that it made me feel crazy even though I needed to be sane. I know, its weird, but we all experience those sudden lapses in mind and we have to fight hard to overcome them. And of course, we need the help of our family, just so we wouldn’t feel afraid.

For two years, this would be Jeni and I's first movie together. Its either we couldnt fit the same schedule even though we see each other everyday or didnt have anyone to go with. But yesterday was different because we really wanted to see it. :D

Change of plans as of 7pm. My great friends wanted to watch A Very Special Love instead of the Mummy. And even though I have told Mela that Ive already seen it, she insisted on going, so that means I will watch the movie twice. haay. I really wanted to see the Mummy pa naman. Ngark.

But I love them that much so Im willing to sacrifice. After all, the movie will run for three weeks pa naman.


Hon, Lester and I went to Quiapo today. And I had three DVDs to marathon again tonight. So I wouldnt be surfing the net after this. hehehe. Hon bought me Dont Mess with the Zohan, Love Guru and Semi-Pro. I'll be preparing my snacks after this. LOL.

Anyhoo, I have to go. Just checked if I have mails or stuff. GTG! :D

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