Monday, August 04, 2008

My brother can now speak a little Mandarin. I hate him. hahaha.

Soon enough, he can understand the Chinovelas I'm watching without subtitles. He can also decipher Fahrenheit's songs without looking weird on whether he understood the lyrics or not. And he even learning how to write Chinese characters. In a few months, he can understand Amelie and A Very Long Engagement because he will be studying French. Life is so unfair.

Why am I ranting? Because now, he could even sing Happy Birthday in Chinese and looking like Chinese. While I, have an own morena features that I got from my mother's clan instead of my Dad's Mom. Is it even fair? I am the girl here. Whew.

I just hope that when Hon and I get married, our kids would get his features. But I love having Filipina features, maybe I'm just fond of chinky-eyed kids who are cute and you could dress them anything you want without not being mistaken as shadow. hahahaha.


Yesterday, Brenti's Birthday celebration finally took place. We were supposed to watch at SM Manila but since the cinema is being renovated, we have to move to the closest mall, Robinsin's Place Manila. Then there was a debate on whether to watch the Mummy (but Mela saw it with her siblings) or A Very Special Love (which I saw last Friday), and Mela has also watched Dark Knight already. And were left with Mamma Mia (but Mela couldn't stay for 5pm) and two art/gay film. Just guess where were left to watch. hahaha. It was fun naman.

After Rob, we all went to Mass at Malate Church. Then Brent and I went to Quiapo because he has to replace my Gossip Girl DVD that he lost. And I also bought the Desperate Housewives Season 4 because I was too bitin at the one I brought before.

And although my weekend is jampacked, I was able to accomplish the Taiwanese series Ive always wanted to watch. See, two months ago, I bought its DVD at Quiapo. When I got home, I saw its two episodes then the other episodes are ruined pala. So came July, I also bought one that's working at the store but not on my player. I tried to rip it so I could play it on my iTouch, but I couldn't rip it too. So this is my third DVD already. And I was so happy that it finally played and I slept at one am just so I could finish one episode.

Priorities, Ria. hehehe.

I know, in fact, I learned that I am very oc about the things that I really wanna do lang. Like how I spend so much on one thing where I know I'm capable of doing more things on that span of time. Maybe it has something to do with me as a Virgo and traits like being a perfectionist. Although sometimes, it freaks out people when I can memorize something in a very short while. And I remember a slightest memory. Maybe that's why its hard for me to forgive and definitely forget.


Lately, Ive been having weird dreams. The most bizarre thing is that after that dream, a certain sign or something related to that dream would appear. I don't know, maybe its just me.

Its Monday again. But I feel tired already. huhuhu. Byers! :D

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