Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Its Pasig Day today. Hence, I chose not to go to work. Though the office is still open today, Jon and Grace volunteered to be with Maam Kit today. But Im still slaving at the computer and doing an article I was supposed to pass yesterday. Hahaha.

Last night, our team finally had our mini-outing to Dad's Mega. Twas really fun because CCD is complete again. I mean, I have been in a lot of CCD outings and this probably is the best one so far. I havent been THAT close with the other people kasi. Actually, on the latter part of their stay, things got so confusing that Dude and I cannot trust them anymore. See, Alex is a friend, and anything he says to me are true, so I did took his side of the fight. :D

So anyhoo, I was so full yesterday. Good thing my tummy didnt ache. I must have had four blue plates and one of them are sushis galore. Which btw, is one of my favorite things in the world. hehe.


Hon and I will bee seeing each other later. I have been long waitng to watch Made of Honor, and he'd love to see Wanted so we'll have a movie marathon the whole day of those movies. Happy Happy! :D

Roser asked me the other day to sub her for a Journalism lecture at ICAM. Sayang because I couldnt also work it in my busy schedule. Drag! It is my chance pa naman to go back to my Alma Mater and make Ms. Gatchalian, Ms. Robles and my other English mentors proud. Oh well, maybe next time. Or never. Sad...

Maam Roscelle told me to apply for the Corp Comm post. I declined. I know Im not for it. And I would very much stay with Maam Kit, where I could learn than to the other departments and cause another headache. Maybe someday, if they have a really really GOOD, if not GREAT boss like MST. hehehe.


So there, I had a blast posting, but I have to sign off. Buhbye all. :D

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