Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Most people who know me can very well understand that I have TRUST issues. I would be deeply hurt by the people I love the most if they disappoint me. I sometimes trust new friends more since they still haven't done anything painful to me. But if its about family, well, that's a very different story.

I grew up without a Mom and a Dad beside me. My Lola Merced fixes me up to school, my Tita Sol tutors, wakes me up and takes care of me when I was in elementary. Only when in High School that I went to Manila with my Mom and my brother. My Dad, is mostly overseas, so I didn't have the chance to actually know him.

Right now, I'm living in a gray matter. I'm not sure whether what or who to believe. I wanted to shout at this person for doing something worse, but even I could not understand how someone could do that to family. I mean, I could break away from them, but then, they're my flesh and blood, and I cannot let go just like that.

..as Hon said, "if you love someone that much, why would you even try to let it go and not try first?"

So I'm trying to understand the gravity of the situation. And hopefully, I'm wrong. Because it would be another stone in my heart. Seriously.


My second family is having dinner at Dad's tonight. We'll be celebrating Maam Kit's comeback. We know, its late already, but things have been so busy that we could only schedule it tonight. And since its Pasig Day tomorrow, its also a va-cay day for moi. :D Happy Happy Happy and a Sushi Party! Yay!

Last Friday naman, we had the successful celebration of the Company's Anniversary. Armed with the full-Blair Waldorf outfit, if I may add. haha. Super fun! Even the whole Jollibee mascots were there, as a tie-up to the company with the new product. Ang cool.


So there, I have to go now. Hopefully, this will all be better. Muah! :D

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