Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunny Side Down

Hate this day. Don't ask why. I'm just so freaking pissed. 'nuff said.


SOoo excited to see Spiderman 3. I don't know, I just have this sudden rush whenever I see the trailer or the poster. I just adore him. Good job, Tobey. haha

Anyhow, went to Gateway today. Saw the book "For One More Day" at Fully Booked. Really, it is haunting me and I am freaked by the occurrences.I am again, confused. Just that I'm planning to buy new shoes tomorrow and I'd rather spend this pay for them than a new book. We also have to reserve for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Hon got this e-book but I'm not that sure if it genuine or so. That's why I opt to read the real thing. July 21 here I come. Haha!

Slept late last night because I was rushing something for the Grand day. I know I could finish it on time, but time itself doesn't permit me to even scan through it.

My good friend, Jayvee, is going to resign already after two months of working. Just that its too bad because were left out again. See after Chay, he has been a bit of an asset already. Maybe he was burnt out or something but he's not changing his mind about it. Oh well, Move on.

I have so many pending books to read. i don't know what to begin.

Have to go already. Just slipped a second to post this. Buhbye.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Booksale Galore!!!

Made my first corpo layout for the newest account. Sir Ronnie liked it. Yay. Not bad for a first-timer. just so ecstatic that they were kinda proud of my work. Move over Maverick.. uh, oh, just kidding. :D

So anyhow, for the heck of it, I'm so glad that payday came in early as expected. :D Went to EDSA Central for Booksale and scored a gift for Hon for the upcoming "first year celeb" and I think he might love it. I'm crossing my fingers for that one.

And speaking of sale, I got myself a "Message in A Bottle", which I got for 120 pesos. Ha! But not in the niftiest condition unlike my Deception Point book. Hon says "bilib na ko sa'yo pag nakakita ka ng Digital Fortress sa Booksale" And I am hoping I could like, see one, but it is kind of impossible. Unless one American would trash away his copy and decides to sell his copy at Booksale. Well that might be a miracle of sorts.But since I haven't withdrawn my pay yet, went to Shang to see if there's something good to buy.

And as my gut instinct says, found another sale, this time at National Bookstore, Saw a nice book for just...ding ding ding... THIRTY PESOS. But was really devastated because "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom dropped the softbound at 300 bucks.

....but knowing myself, I have to resort to book reviews, and all that jazz before I buy it. Or maybe it could be a wishlist for an upcoming event? Nah. I'd probably snag it one of these days...probably by persuation. haha!

Am craving for Donut. Am actually meaning to Krispy Kreme-ify myself. Since I've been reading that name at my old books, namely Sweet Valley, I've been meaning to try one. And since they opened stores here, I vow to visit one and make myself full of it.

Still feeling queasy right now. Maybe I'll lie down already. After all, I deserve my precious lull.

Nightie. :D

Friday, April 20, 2007

Here Spidey Spidey!

Cool noh? :D
Have been devastated to learn that Spiderman 3 would not be shown via 3D at Imax. The scheduled movie will be shown at 2D but at the same price as regular IMAX movies. Hence, we're just going to watch it at a normal cinema. Or try Greenbelt or Gateway. Hon insisted should still watch it at MOA but I shrugged the idea of paying more than it would cost, Anyway, there are going to be lots of good coming soon movies that we should wait and expect at 3D. Sayang. tsk tsk.

Hopefully for me, I saw the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix poster and it says that its gonna be shown at Imax 3D. I just wish it'll be shown here at the Philippines. I'm so crossing my fingers now.

My multiply here at house is acting weird right now. argh. Anyhow, I almost lost my fone earlier. I was sitting at the end of the jeepney en route to Blumentritt and was holding my other fone where I use my sun sim. 3310 lang naman siya, but then, I almost let go of it today. LITERALLY. Wanna know why? I stupidly got asleep while holding my fone. And I was already in dreamland, fone slipped out of my hand. Luckily, I woke up and got hold of it before it goes down. haay..

Were gonna be celebrating eleventh tomorrow. I am sooooo excited. Actually, were just going to hang out here at our house, but then there are lots of DVDs and helluva PS2 games to finish up. Never a dull moment when were together. Lots to do anyway. :D

Love you so much honey. Muah! Gotta go now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Its going to eleven months. I could not even believe it myself. Oh well. Guess I have to get used to the fact that things are going very well for me. That I'm not this sore loser or something when it comes to relationships. To think about it, it is indeed a breakthrough for me. It feels so good.

I wanna go someplace cold. I am frustrated by the heat around the place. Or maybe I'm just reading a lot of Dan Brown books. And the DECEPTION POINT was taken place at the Arctic. This definitely is the hottest summer ever. Back on the book, I'm halfway finished already. I cant wait to finish it. Next book, THE RESCUE, by Nicholas Sparks. And I'd like to thank Hon for buying it for me. :D

Brother doesn't have a school for college yet. I don't have my yearbook at my hands yet. I could take a leave at work naman because Maam Kit is already having her maternity leave. Haay. I have so many thing to figure out. And things I have to plan. ;D

Saw a VW Beetle last Tuesday. I want a car like that. I'm soo drooling when I saw its color. I love the blue in it. I just wish I could like save up for something like that. But with the pending stuffs of Boracay and plans for the future, I doubt a car could be a priority for now.

Have to go now. Tomorrow is another day. I have the whole day scheduled. I just wish I could get them all done in a day. Hmm..hope so.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happiness Is Just As Easy As This...

Last Saturday, went to MOA with Hon, his mom, dad, ate and her ate's husband. It was one of the highlights of my relationship because I have never been on something like this. Well, maybe before since we've been like friends for a long time, but then, this is the first time that I have been in a real relationship and all that jazz.

Was fun considering that we didn't get to just eat but managed to like play at the arcade with them. Hon said sorry afterwards because they were like chaotic at that time, but it was fun. Really. :D

..I just wish more of it would come in the future

Anyway, went to Makati last Friday where BPI ATM's were such a waste of time. It sucked a sum of Hon's money. I just hope he could recover it or something.

Afterwards, went to Greenbelt to eat. So had dinner at Yellow Cab and even got something for brother who was waiting all night just for me to get home.

So continuation of my MOA adventure, went there at 12 or something. Bought three new books, one courtesy of Hon and some pc stuffs.

Met them at 4:30 while making our dance at the Rev machines at Timezone. It was just so funny because his mom called my mom to inform us that they should meet us there already. Haay..

Night time, went to Tempura and had dinner. Super eat ang nangyari because they like splurged. But in the end, it was worth it cause everyone was so full at the end of the meal. :D
But wait, there's more.

Even went to Timezone. Saya ng new game. Parang Rialto. Haay. wish I could go back to EK.

Hafta go. Hon's scolding me already. Bye bye! Love you Hon. muah!

Friday, April 13, 2007

They chose to be happily ever after

Lately, a friend asked me if I'm going to be married soon. I said a flat out NO. Married to my work, yes, But to him, I would just have to wait for a few more years.

And someone's gonna be asking again, I think I have to say that I will be, to this wonderful person, four years from now. Or whatever happens, I hope.

Seriously now, Ms. Ivy talked about her wedding the other day. The church, the sights, the sounds and even the miracles and joys of her tying of the knot. It was nice and there were lots of butterflies to make it more magical. Maybe I could have something like that. She says I should plan early on. That we should at least save for it. SO that I COULD get my dream wedding.

Again, maybe yes, maybe not.

One girl at this office is getting married because she's pregnant. That I think, is what I couldnt do in a million years. But since circumstances fell on her and once her tummy billows up without a husband, they said company is going to question her. Just that sometimes, being moral sucks.

I dont know if they ever heard of single mothers who went to the top and soared for it. Or I dont know, its their choice anyway. But getting hitched and handling motherhood is both stressful for one of a person. Not to mention she has to work. But hopefully, things and her decisions work for her. After all, she loves the guy she's marrying. And her happy ending would be perfect in time.

As for myself, I would want lots of flowers. Maybe mums and pink roses. I would want to walk at a long aisle. I would have a long train. The car would be shiny and vintage. My hair would be in curls. And I want my mom and dad to walk me to the altar while they kiss him and tell hem to take care of me, the way they did years ago.

Yeah, dream on.

Chucks and long gown anyone? haha
Will meet Hon later at Makati. His beloved Makati. He said we should go to Greenbelt where we first got back together again. Its romantic how he recalls that day. Now that were nearing the first year, everything went back to normal again. No chaotic whatsoever for the past days. And were having dinner tomorrow with his family.

So I believe I already chose my happy ending to. Now I have to and make it last to make it happily as ever. Muah!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

After the Rain...

It's been one year.
Stupid me.

But anyhow, I found the best person I could be with, hopefully spend my forever with him

Moving forward, drama's over. I've spent 7 months at the office already, and giddy-up as ever. Projects are at hang-mode at the moment, but definitely happening.

Mom is in Ilocos right now. Dad is approximately at Malaysia now. Brother is having a feast. Haha! As for me, its hard to be responsible for brother and grandma. Grandma would sometimes piss me off but I HAVE to calm down because apparently, I'm the head of this family as of this time.

Friday the 13th tomorrow. I don't really know what'll happen but Maam Kit will be starting her endorsements already. Sadly, I can't take a leave since she'll be out for two months or so. But she promised that once she got back from her pregnancy, we would take a trip out of town. Maybe Tagaytay or something. :D

Can't seem to fathom that life could be as close to perfect. Nearing the eleventh, and definitely nearing the first year. Weve managed a lot of fights, sometimes being overpowered with jealousy, but really really happy now. I guess this definitely is it.

Also, can't wait for Saturday. We'll be going in pairs daw, according to Hon. His mom and dad, his sister and brother-in-law and the two of us. Nice huh? Again, no one's stopping us now. And really, I'm smitten by the bug.

Hafta hafta hafta go now. Will start to visit dreamworld in a few minutes.

Isaw anyone? :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bakasyon Grande

Ironic how five long days of vacation seem fast enough. I wish I could've more leave days or something like that to go somewhere with la familia or mi Honey.


Ninya and I talked about it last night that we would save up first then go for that escapade. It would be so great since we'll be looking for friends who would join us or something and we'll backpack our way to Bora. I know, I feel like a loser talking about my plans, but this would be really fun. And who knows, maybe after Bora, I could also go to Bohol? I just wanna experience the sights and all of this country. As someone said before, know your country first before knowing other countries.


Went to Hon's house last Sunday. Was happy that I get to spend Easter with him and his pamangkins. Just felt disappointed that we didn't get to see them find the eggs that we bought. After that, went to Tutuban to buy my rack. And thankfully that I didn't have to get something that heavy at my hands. Love you Hon Hon. :D

This weekend, we'll go to MOA. With all of his family na. Excited and all for Saturday. I guess there's no stopping us now.


Dad's going back to abroad again tomorrow. Just wish he'd always be safe. After all, he's doing this to provide for his family. Cry cry.

Projects. project, projects for the next three days. Kaya ko to.

Hafta go. muah!

Monday, April 09, 2007

How do you free youself from the ghosts of the past?

I absolutely have no idea.

All these months, i feel as if I'm deceiving myself. They said I shouldn't have to worry about anything. Everyone pushes me to the right thing. That I shouldve moved on. Forward. Walk Away. And forget about the encore of things that happened

But really, things like that is rather difficult for me. One things that could stick in my mind are the people who've hurted me. People whom I loved deeply. People who might have changed the way I lived. In that case, some people fit that perfect description, but I cannot neglect the fact that being like that could mean emptiness again. That It could mean that a simple stupid mistake could take away good things in a blur.

I'm stubborn. I always get in the way of things

but sometimes, I learn when to shut up. I just hope I'm shutting up for the right reasons.


And maybe, just maybe...

One thing. one simple thing could make it all okay. Problem is, WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!?

Overreacting mode:

Love you hon. Though I may be self-admittedly psycho at times, hope you could still see there in a teeny-weeny bit of your heart that this is just a phase. A phase that I created and promise to get out of it. Okay people may think I'm crazy na. Pero sige, I promise to think about it so that it couldn't destroy us. Just please don't ever fail to show you care, that would be enough. I guess before I could learn to trust people, I should learn to trust myself first.

Note to Self:
He loves you. He loves you even at your worst. He's like willing to give to you the world. You just resist to appreciate. SO FROM NOW ON, promise too, that you should believe in what he says and what he's doing and know that you belong with each other. And will stay that way forever.

.....Confirmation, anyone? :D

btw, nice quote this one..

Zangy Comment Graphics

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Two days to go til work again..

Just happy that I made the most out of the vacation. Here goes:

Thursday Highlight:
-- Woke up at 10 AM (yes, an accomplishment indeed!) Arranged my books, mags and all that in the NEW shelf, Gilmore Girls reruns on studio 23 and late night chats with Hon.

Friday Holyday
-- Got up at 9 AM (yeah, progressing huh?), had the Seventh Heaven marathon and helped out with family to prepare things when they go home to Nova.

Saturday Highday
-- Hon went here first thing in the morning. I got crushed at PS2 games, though he tried a lot of times to make me win at Need for Speed. Got pikon at SoulCalibur because he was crushing my character again. Enjoyed making fun of Patrick Star and his big tummy. Watched Chicken Little, Corpse Bride and Music and Lyrics. Had chicken. Meat....finally. :D

So anyway, Easter's gonna be different today. Instead of spending it with my family, I'ma spend it with Hon's family. And Hon again to buy my other shelf for my things at the "supposed" room. And btw, I'll beat him at Magic Sing this time. Ha ha!

Have to get up early tomorrow. muah!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Waiting for R-day

Reflection and Relaxation. :D

Only two words, but I am really psyched by the upcoming vacation. Maybe because it is one of the longest vacations I could have. My last one's when I resigned from my office and became a bum for a week or so. And I have been long waiting for this one so I could like rearrange my room already and put up my beloved books in my new beloved shelf. (love you honey..peace tayo :P)

So anyhoo, I am yearning to start my scrapbooking and all, (that is, if I didn't get caught up in sleeping) but really, I want to put what I have collected inside it. And since creativity is running in my blood right now, I feel it is the best time to do so. (super serious naman.)


The train from the MRT I caught today had a terrifying experience. Not that gory or anything but it kinda stopped in a way the all of us inside could stumble through one another. Some even called it that "parang Final Destination". I just then realized that anything is possible to happen. If it had been a split second that we are about to have an accident worse than that, maybe things would be different right now. But I believed that somehow, it isn't time yet. Or maybe God and the angels were listening that people aren't ready yet. That they have to do a lot of things in their life and it shouldn't end now.

Went to Quiapo Church yesterday. I actually want to visit 7 churches this Holy Week and join the bandwagon, but I'm not sure how am I gonna be able to do that. Hon has work (still) over the holiday, so he'll just visit me on Black Saturday. My family would probably go to our other house at Nova. My grandma, well she's already old and couldn't really marathon with me anymore. I don't know about friends but they probably would be in the province doing their own things and all. Ergo, my only resort is going alone, and I had it all figured out from the very first time. The next problem is, where to. :D


PBB still airs over the holiday. Yay! And Seventh Heaven Marathons at Studio 23. Now that's what I call life.

Have to go and spend my remaining precious time at work. Muah!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I need tools

My pc at work isn't doing well. I hate it when I couldn't do anything for work. Too much deadlines before Maam Kit leaves for her pregnancy. So I really have to finish them all.

We have a newbie in our team. But we haven't really gotten close. Unlike Jayvee. Maybe because she isn't in my age range or something like that. Oh well, we have all the time to get to know one another right?

Went to MOA last Saturday with Hon, hence the pictures. It was one of the happiest moments that we just goof around and found uber great buys: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks with I bought at Booksale for only P70 and Deception Point by Dan Brown for only P175. Cheap huh?

Then we tried to do the crane machines at Timezone, but no such luck, so to our depression, we just danced at the dancing machines because there are only few people at the arcade. Therefore, we had the nerve to try them. haha!

We also saw the launching of the Windows Vista. SOOOOOO cool. And we could only wish.
But actually, I realized that I do not really have a lucky hand at contests and stuff. When everyone got a visor, I got a "thank you for trying the Windows Vista..." Too bad.. Haay.

But the funny thing was, no matter how tired we are walking around MOA the whole day, we still managed to go to Tutuban for a side trip. Hence, the isaw and the ihaw ihaw.yumyum. :D

Have to sleep na. Been up late with Hon for the past two days. I almost got late pa because I got up at 6:35 na. Imagine, ginigising ako ni Hon with 6 calls already, but to no avail, super sarap pa din ng sleep ko. And what's worse, circulation says that there was a strike at my usual jeepney stop. L:uckily, I got hold of one and got in the office 5 minutes early. Whew. Tough luck



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