Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reflection and Relaxation. :D

Only two words, but I am really psyched by the upcoming vacation. Maybe because it is one of the longest vacations I could have. My last one's when I resigned from my office and became a bum for a week or so. And I have been long waiting for this one so I could like rearrange my room already and put up my beloved books in my new beloved shelf. (love you honey..peace tayo :P)

So anyhoo, I am yearning to start my scrapbooking and all, (that is, if I didn't get caught up in sleeping) but really, I want to put what I have collected inside it. And since creativity is running in my blood right now, I feel it is the best time to do so. (super serious naman.)


The train from the MRT I caught today had a terrifying experience. Not that gory or anything but it kinda stopped in a way the all of us inside could stumble through one another. Some even called it that "parang Final Destination". I just then realized that anything is possible to happen. If it had been a split second that we are about to have an accident worse than that, maybe things would be different right now. But I believed that somehow, it isn't time yet. Or maybe God and the angels were listening that people aren't ready yet. That they have to do a lot of things in their life and it shouldn't end now.

Went to Quiapo Church yesterday. I actually want to visit 7 churches this Holy Week and join the bandwagon, but I'm not sure how am I gonna be able to do that. Hon has work (still) over the holiday, so he'll just visit me on Black Saturday. My family would probably go to our other house at Nova. My grandma, well she's already old and couldn't really marathon with me anymore. I don't know about friends but they probably would be in the province doing their own things and all. Ergo, my only resort is going alone, and I had it all figured out from the very first time. The next problem is, where to. :D


PBB still airs over the holiday. Yay! And Seventh Heaven Marathons at Studio 23. Now that's what I call life.

Have to go and spend my remaining precious time at work. Muah!

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