Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two days to go til work again..

Just happy that I made the most out of the vacation. Here goes:

Thursday Highlight:
-- Woke up at 10 AM (yes, an accomplishment indeed!) Arranged my books, mags and all that in the NEW shelf, Gilmore Girls reruns on studio 23 and late night chats with Hon.

Friday Holyday
-- Got up at 9 AM (yeah, progressing huh?), had the Seventh Heaven marathon and helped out with family to prepare things when they go home to Nova.

Saturday Highday
-- Hon went here first thing in the morning. I got crushed at PS2 games, though he tried a lot of times to make me win at Need for Speed. Got pikon at SoulCalibur because he was crushing my character again. Enjoyed making fun of Patrick Star and his big tummy. Watched Chicken Little, Corpse Bride and Music and Lyrics. Had chicken. Meat....finally. :D

So anyway, Easter's gonna be different today. Instead of spending it with my family, I'ma spend it with Hon's family. And Hon again to buy my other shelf for my things at the "supposed" room. And btw, I'll beat him at Magic Sing this time. Ha ha!

Have to get up early tomorrow. muah!

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