Monday, April 09, 2007

I absolutely have no idea.

All these months, i feel as if I'm deceiving myself. They said I shouldn't have to worry about anything. Everyone pushes me to the right thing. That I shouldve moved on. Forward. Walk Away. And forget about the encore of things that happened

But really, things like that is rather difficult for me. One things that could stick in my mind are the people who've hurted me. People whom I loved deeply. People who might have changed the way I lived. In that case, some people fit that perfect description, but I cannot neglect the fact that being like that could mean emptiness again. That It could mean that a simple stupid mistake could take away good things in a blur.

I'm stubborn. I always get in the way of things

but sometimes, I learn when to shut up. I just hope I'm shutting up for the right reasons.


And maybe, just maybe...

One thing. one simple thing could make it all okay. Problem is, WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!?

Overreacting mode:

Love you hon. Though I may be self-admittedly psycho at times, hope you could still see there in a teeny-weeny bit of your heart that this is just a phase. A phase that I created and promise to get out of it. Okay people may think I'm crazy na. Pero sige, I promise to think about it so that it couldn't destroy us. Just please don't ever fail to show you care, that would be enough. I guess before I could learn to trust people, I should learn to trust myself first.

Note to Self:
He loves you. He loves you even at your worst. He's like willing to give to you the world. You just resist to appreciate. SO FROM NOW ON, promise too, that you should believe in what he says and what he's doing and know that you belong with each other. And will stay that way forever.

.....Confirmation, anyone? :D

btw, nice quote this one..

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