Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ironic how five long days of vacation seem fast enough. I wish I could've more leave days or something like that to go somewhere with la familia or mi Honey.


Ninya and I talked about it last night that we would save up first then go for that escapade. It would be so great since we'll be looking for friends who would join us or something and we'll backpack our way to Bora. I know, I feel like a loser talking about my plans, but this would be really fun. And who knows, maybe after Bora, I could also go to Bohol? I just wanna experience the sights and all of this country. As someone said before, know your country first before knowing other countries.


Went to Hon's house last Sunday. Was happy that I get to spend Easter with him and his pamangkins. Just felt disappointed that we didn't get to see them find the eggs that we bought. After that, went to Tutuban to buy my rack. And thankfully that I didn't have to get something that heavy at my hands. Love you Hon Hon. :D

This weekend, we'll go to MOA. With all of his family na. Excited and all for Saturday. I guess there's no stopping us now.


Dad's going back to abroad again tomorrow. Just wish he'd always be safe. After all, he's doing this to provide for his family. Cry cry.

Projects. project, projects for the next three days. Kaya ko to.

Hafta go. muah!

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