Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's been one year.
Stupid me.

But anyhow, I found the best person I could be with, hopefully spend my forever with him

Moving forward, drama's over. I've spent 7 months at the office already, and giddy-up as ever. Projects are at hang-mode at the moment, but definitely happening.

Mom is in Ilocos right now. Dad is approximately at Malaysia now. Brother is having a feast. Haha! As for me, its hard to be responsible for brother and grandma. Grandma would sometimes piss me off but I HAVE to calm down because apparently, I'm the head of this family as of this time.

Friday the 13th tomorrow. I don't really know what'll happen but Maam Kit will be starting her endorsements already. Sadly, I can't take a leave since she'll be out for two months or so. But she promised that once she got back from her pregnancy, we would take a trip out of town. Maybe Tagaytay or something. :D

Can't seem to fathom that life could be as close to perfect. Nearing the eleventh, and definitely nearing the first year. Weve managed a lot of fights, sometimes being overpowered with jealousy, but really really happy now. I guess this definitely is it.

Also, can't wait for Saturday. We'll be going in pairs daw, according to Hon. His mom and dad, his sister and brother-in-law and the two of us. Nice huh? Again, no one's stopping us now. And really, I'm smitten by the bug.

Hafta hafta hafta go now. Will start to visit dreamworld in a few minutes.

Isaw anyone? :D

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