Friday, April 13, 2007

Lately, a friend asked me if I'm going to be married soon. I said a flat out NO. Married to my work, yes, But to him, I would just have to wait for a few more years.

And someone's gonna be asking again, I think I have to say that I will be, to this wonderful person, four years from now. Or whatever happens, I hope.

Seriously now, Ms. Ivy talked about her wedding the other day. The church, the sights, the sounds and even the miracles and joys of her tying of the knot. It was nice and there were lots of butterflies to make it more magical. Maybe I could have something like that. She says I should plan early on. That we should at least save for it. SO that I COULD get my dream wedding.

Again, maybe yes, maybe not.

One girl at this office is getting married because she's pregnant. That I think, is what I couldnt do in a million years. But since circumstances fell on her and once her tummy billows up without a husband, they said company is going to question her. Just that sometimes, being moral sucks.

I dont know if they ever heard of single mothers who went to the top and soared for it. Or I dont know, its their choice anyway. But getting hitched and handling motherhood is both stressful for one of a person. Not to mention she has to work. But hopefully, things and her decisions work for her. After all, she loves the guy she's marrying. And her happy ending would be perfect in time.

As for myself, I would want lots of flowers. Maybe mums and pink roses. I would want to walk at a long aisle. I would have a long train. The car would be shiny and vintage. My hair would be in curls. And I want my mom and dad to walk me to the altar while they kiss him and tell hem to take care of me, the way they did years ago.

Yeah, dream on.

Chucks and long gown anyone? haha
Will meet Hon later at Makati. His beloved Makati. He said we should go to Greenbelt where we first got back together again. Its romantic how he recalls that day. Now that were nearing the first year, everything went back to normal again. No chaotic whatsoever for the past days. And were having dinner tomorrow with his family.

So I believe I already chose my happy ending to. Now I have to and make it last to make it happily as ever. Muah!

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