Monday, April 16, 2007

Last Saturday, went to MOA with Hon, his mom, dad, ate and her ate's husband. It was one of the highlights of my relationship because I have never been on something like this. Well, maybe before since we've been like friends for a long time, but then, this is the first time that I have been in a real relationship and all that jazz.

Was fun considering that we didn't get to just eat but managed to like play at the arcade with them. Hon said sorry afterwards because they were like chaotic at that time, but it was fun. Really. :D

..I just wish more of it would come in the future

Anyway, went to Makati last Friday where BPI ATM's were such a waste of time. It sucked a sum of Hon's money. I just hope he could recover it or something.

Afterwards, went to Greenbelt to eat. So had dinner at Yellow Cab and even got something for brother who was waiting all night just for me to get home.

So continuation of my MOA adventure, went there at 12 or something. Bought three new books, one courtesy of Hon and some pc stuffs.

Met them at 4:30 while making our dance at the Rev machines at Timezone. It was just so funny because his mom called my mom to inform us that they should meet us there already. Haay..

Night time, went to Tempura and had dinner. Super eat ang nangyari because they like splurged. But in the end, it was worth it cause everyone was so full at the end of the meal. :D
But wait, there's more.

Even went to Timezone. Saya ng new game. Parang Rialto. Haay. wish I could go back to EK.

Hafta go. Hon's scolding me already. Bye bye! Love you Hon. muah!

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