Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Its going to eleven months. I could not even believe it myself. Oh well. Guess I have to get used to the fact that things are going very well for me. That I'm not this sore loser or something when it comes to relationships. To think about it, it is indeed a breakthrough for me. It feels so good.

I wanna go someplace cold. I am frustrated by the heat around the place. Or maybe I'm just reading a lot of Dan Brown books. And the DECEPTION POINT was taken place at the Arctic. This definitely is the hottest summer ever. Back on the book, I'm halfway finished already. I cant wait to finish it. Next book, THE RESCUE, by Nicholas Sparks. And I'd like to thank Hon for buying it for me. :D

Brother doesn't have a school for college yet. I don't have my yearbook at my hands yet. I could take a leave at work naman because Maam Kit is already having her maternity leave. Haay. I have so many thing to figure out. And things I have to plan. ;D

Saw a VW Beetle last Tuesday. I want a car like that. I'm soo drooling when I saw its color. I love the blue in it. I just wish I could like save up for something like that. But with the pending stuffs of Boracay and plans for the future, I doubt a car could be a priority for now.

Have to go now. Tomorrow is another day. I have the whole day scheduled. I just wish I could get them all done in a day. Hmm..hope so.

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