Friday, April 20, 2007

Cool noh? :D
Have been devastated to learn that Spiderman 3 would not be shown via 3D at Imax. The scheduled movie will be shown at 2D but at the same price as regular IMAX movies. Hence, we're just going to watch it at a normal cinema. Or try Greenbelt or Gateway. Hon insisted should still watch it at MOA but I shrugged the idea of paying more than it would cost, Anyway, there are going to be lots of good coming soon movies that we should wait and expect at 3D. Sayang. tsk tsk.

Hopefully for me, I saw the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix poster and it says that its gonna be shown at Imax 3D. I just wish it'll be shown here at the Philippines. I'm so crossing my fingers now.

My multiply here at house is acting weird right now. argh. Anyhow, I almost lost my fone earlier. I was sitting at the end of the jeepney en route to Blumentritt and was holding my other fone where I use my sun sim. 3310 lang naman siya, but then, I almost let go of it today. LITERALLY. Wanna know why? I stupidly got asleep while holding my fone. And I was already in dreamland, fone slipped out of my hand. Luckily, I woke up and got hold of it before it goes down. haay..

Were gonna be celebrating eleventh tomorrow. I am sooooo excited. Actually, were just going to hang out here at our house, but then there are lots of DVDs and helluva PS2 games to finish up. Never a dull moment when were together. Lots to do anyway. :D

Love you so much honey. Muah! Gotta go now.

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