Friday, April 27, 2007

Made my first corpo layout for the newest account. Sir Ronnie liked it. Yay. Not bad for a first-timer. just so ecstatic that they were kinda proud of my work. Move over Maverick.. uh, oh, just kidding. :D

So anyhow, for the heck of it, I'm so glad that payday came in early as expected. :D Went to EDSA Central for Booksale and scored a gift for Hon for the upcoming "first year celeb" and I think he might love it. I'm crossing my fingers for that one.

And speaking of sale, I got myself a "Message in A Bottle", which I got for 120 pesos. Ha! But not in the niftiest condition unlike my Deception Point book. Hon says "bilib na ko sa'yo pag nakakita ka ng Digital Fortress sa Booksale" And I am hoping I could like, see one, but it is kind of impossible. Unless one American would trash away his copy and decides to sell his copy at Booksale. Well that might be a miracle of sorts.But since I haven't withdrawn my pay yet, went to Shang to see if there's something good to buy.

And as my gut instinct says, found another sale, this time at National Bookstore, Saw a nice book for just...ding ding ding... THIRTY PESOS. But was really devastated because "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom dropped the softbound at 300 bucks.

....but knowing myself, I have to resort to book reviews, and all that jazz before I buy it. Or maybe it could be a wishlist for an upcoming event? Nah. I'd probably snag it one of these days...probably by persuation. haha!

Am craving for Donut. Am actually meaning to Krispy Kreme-ify myself. Since I've been reading that name at my old books, namely Sweet Valley, I've been meaning to try one. And since they opened stores here, I vow to visit one and make myself full of it.

Still feeling queasy right now. Maybe I'll lie down already. After all, I deserve my precious lull.

Nightie. :D

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