Monday, April 02, 2007

My pc at work isn't doing well. I hate it when I couldn't do anything for work. Too much deadlines before Maam Kit leaves for her pregnancy. So I really have to finish them all.

We have a newbie in our team. But we haven't really gotten close. Unlike Jayvee. Maybe because she isn't in my age range or something like that. Oh well, we have all the time to get to know one another right?

Went to MOA last Saturday with Hon, hence the pictures. It was one of the happiest moments that we just goof around and found uber great buys: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks with I bought at Booksale for only P70 and Deception Point by Dan Brown for only P175. Cheap huh?

Then we tried to do the crane machines at Timezone, but no such luck, so to our depression, we just danced at the dancing machines because there are only few people at the arcade. Therefore, we had the nerve to try them. haha!

We also saw the launching of the Windows Vista. SOOOOOO cool. And we could only wish.
But actually, I realized that I do not really have a lucky hand at contests and stuff. When everyone got a visor, I got a "thank you for trying the Windows Vista..." Too bad.. Haay.

But the funny thing was, no matter how tired we are walking around MOA the whole day, we still managed to go to Tutuban for a side trip. Hence, the isaw and the ihaw ihaw.yumyum. :D

Have to sleep na. Been up late with Hon for the past two days. I almost got late pa because I got up at 6:35 na. Imagine, ginigising ako ni Hon with 6 calls already, but to no avail, super sarap pa din ng sleep ko. And what's worse, circulation says that there was a strike at my usual jeepney stop. L:uckily, I got hold of one and got in the office 5 minutes early. Whew. Tough luck


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