Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Why Did Cinderella Traded Her Glass Slipper for Boots?

Hers was a happy-ever after kind of love story. Boy meets girl, boy fell in love, had their magical dream in an almost fairy tale land and had an almost perfect life. Girl never experienced any hardship with guy because hey, boy loves girl so much. But then it fell apart when girl wanted another story. A witch tale, to be exact.

And that's how Cinderella wanted to trade her glass slippers for boots...

Why? Are the glass slippers hurting her so much that she wanted to let go of it even though it was so perfect to look at? Or her glass slippers are getting small for her, that she needed to get out of it, regardless on how Prince Charming would re-size it for her?

Sometimes, people are just too inconsiderate that they have the perfect life and still complain about it. They could never understand the woes of other people who might be wondering if their lives could be as perfect as theirs. But still, they complain and slap their love ones right through the core.

..But as they say, karma would take its toll. Someday, somehow.

(I'm sorry for the person who would be affected by this, I just needed to vent out before I explode out of disappointment and anger. You know who you are..)


Had a not-so-great weekend. Well, it wasn't fun like last week. Mom kept on talking about how she could go with Dad to Malaysia while he is still having his seminar there.


Yeah, frustrations of circling the globe still haunts me. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it someday. Frustrations that the world has other plans for me not to be able to see wonders of the planet. But I'm still wishing. And that I would be sane to hold on to my own happy ending. I know I would. I just needed someone to guarantee it with.

I guess people has their own happiness. My love for books and shoes couldn't compare to a friend's love for designer bags and pets. And that also goes for my friend who told me that she loves her boyfriend more than I love my own. Huh? I was so thrown aback. I wanted to tell her that they are incomparable. But I just shut my mouth. I don't know why I did that. I used to speak up without having to think of other's feelings. Or maybe I thought shutting up would end the conversation. Gaaad! What is happening to me.. Oh well.


After the past incidences, I would still believe that true love do exist. And real love comes to those who are hopeful and willing to embrace every effing hardship in this world. Even the surreal are passable because they worked hard for it. As Sitti have sung:

"Maging Kailanpaman, puso'y iyong tangan, ngayon at kailanman ikaw lamang..."

Forever and Ever Hunnie.. :D Let's just have faith..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's Hot?!?

Pat and Ria celebrating its 27th MONTH!!!

And were not seeing each other. huhuhuhu. Since Dad left last Tuesday, I have to come with my Mom to go to our house at Nova. My plans were all down the drain. So I have to convince her to let me off next week so I could meet Brent and Mela, and also Hon. Sad.

To Hon: I know were kind of in a rut at this very moment, but I really hope we'd patch things up soon. Madalas lang talaga ko mang-away ng tao because I dont like people throwing hissy fits on me. I should be the one doing that. (Or I have done that so many times already). But you know I love you and no matter where this may take us, you would still have me. :D

..Bati na tayo. Peace. You know you love me naman. hehehe.


Countdown to my birthday: 14 days!

Yay! I'm so excited for my 23rd birthday na. I dunno, maybe because I'd celebrate it with my besties Mela and Brenti again. But I dont know if it'll be that special. Anyway, what matters is were together, after six effing years. LOL.

I'm not sure if I wanna post a wishlist just like the previous years. I dont want an iPhone anymore kasi. Sayang lang yung inantay ko. Dammit globe. Um, siguro DSLR nalang. Para win-win situation kami ni Hon, he and I can use it together. hehe. But I dont know about Dad. He'll decide probably. Brat ka talaga Ria. heheh.

Anyhoo, twenty-three. Two years more, and I'll be on the quarter-life category. And I should start planning soon. Although, I'm somehow contented with what God is continuously giving me. Really.


Maam Kit is in Greece right now. Maybe visiting the statues of the Greek Gods and all. I.feel.envious. Oh well, maybe someday, when I'm really rich enough to travel overseas. hehe.

Gotta go. Wasted na. Muah!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Wonder

This has probably been the most stressful (and adventurous) weekends of my life.

Last Friday, Hon and I went to Glorietta because we haven't been able to meet these past few days. So the date went okay, but then came the heavy downpour outside the premises that we decided to let the rain pass.

..But we were wrong..

And since I need to go home early due to time constraints and my scheduled sleep for the event of the following day, we tried so much to walk at the bus stop, got drenched in the rain and off to Quiapo so he could take me home.

..And then there was Central Terminal..

Because we couldn't possibly cross Avenida, we decided to take a jeepney to City Hall so i could ride something there and he could take the fx instead because its getting late. After an hour, I finally got my ride, but then we made a 30 minute stop at Recto due to the heavy build-up made by vehicles going to Cubao, etc. So I got home at midnight. Damn.



At 10AM, we were supposed to be at World Trade Center to attend ALC Group of Companies' 18th Organization Day. The guest of honor was Mayor Fred Lim. And yeah, it was catered by Makati Skyline, so I kinda remembered Nina and Avi, because Nina had her debut there and Avi celebrated her 1st year too. Time really flies so fast. I remember Nina asking me to memorize "A Moment Like This" because she wanted me to sing that for her party. Luckily, I nailed it. haha. Anyhoo, back on the event, our representatives for Mr and Miss ALC are Brian and Irene (Pasig and Megaclinic). Brian bagged the 1st runner up award. Sad. But I know in my heart that Irene shouldve won. Seriously.

Oh, and Erik Santos was the Special guest. After swooning two love songs, women went ga-ga over him. I even went up stage to take pictures of him. I'm not much of a fan, but still, its showbiz. hahaha.

Out of the two Organization Days that I have attended, I must say that this one is an improved version of it. From the venue itself, to the food (Di na Chowking!) and most especially the performers. And that makes me ever more proud. Awww...

After the event, rushed to MOA to meet Hon, Ninang Agnes, Kuya Marc, Mico and Sophia to watch Wall-E. But before that, Hon and I babysat for the two at Timezone. And I was exhausted because they kept on playing around. And Sophia's getting out of the car arcade when she gets tired, so I have to keep on playing the game, just so it wouldn't become much of a waste. But they're so cute, especially when they're playing bowling. hehe.

After the movie, she was asking if Piolo's concert is over (Because he has a mall show for his Bench scent), then told me that "Piolo is mine".. Ang cute!!! :D

So there, again, my Saturday is SOOOO occupied, I thought it was time for my Sunday to rest but then my Dad kept on calling me when were having dinner...



I had to wake up at six am so I could get into Monumento station because Dads leaving again on Tuesday and were going to visit his godmother at Olongapo (Yes, where ex lives.) Thankfully, I think he DID get out of the way for us not to meet, because it was awkward the last time, and Tita Elcy (his Tita) assumed that I have already moved WAY PAST our high school days. It was raining at first, but we had our lunch then went to All Hands resort with Tito Rene, Benedict, Tita Elcy and Adrian. See, the last time that I get to hang out with these kids were like so many years go. And now they're all getting huge.

Tita Elcy even said that I should invite her should there be wedding bells ringing already. I just answered her a simple maybe since it really is weird considering that they are used to thinking that ex and I stayed friends after these years.

Yeah, I know Ive been pretty bad at ex, but my heart belongs to the one holding my hand now. (^____^)


But I really got scared of what he said a while back..

That his cousin is considering him to work at this company..

And he should consider working at Montreal..

And he should marry a nice Canadian girl so he would be a citizen there..

First of all, I really, honestly and whole heartedly believe that long distance relationships are a bit absurd. No offense to the working ones, but as Chuck in Pushing Daisies said "Who will hug me if I needed that badly?". I know, its quite selfish but for me, it just wouldn't work. And he said he declined the second part because he loves me and doesn't want to marry anyone but me. Aww, sometimes, even the smallest gestures mean so much especially when they come exactly from the heart.

..Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good..

So feeling ko naman ako si Maria ng Sound of Music. LOL.


Fine, I have to go. Its two. I'll upload pics tomorrow or Tuesday. Hope you all have a great weekend too. :D Muah!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, Really?

I cant believe I still have a guardian angel. Well, if ever she/he does exist, it saved my sorry a*s yesterday from being kicked. And it turned out to be a good experience for me, actually. Made me focus in the things I needed to do. Thank God! :D

Its Thursday already. I cant wait for the long weekend, although we have to attend the Organization Day on Saturday, so its not really THAT LONG for me. Plus I'm not sure whether Hon and I will see each other that day, so its not really rainbows and butterflies and fuzzy feeling over me.

I finally have uniforms, but the blouses doesn't fit me. Its too big actually. Too bad because theyre really good-looking. And having it re-sized would take days again. Sad..


Ive been downloading Chinese tutorials. So at home, my brother and I would listen to it and mimic them. Aliw! But I cant learn formulating phrases. I only do words, yung iba, mali-mali pa yung grammar. Yikes. But I know I can learn. Someday. hahaha.

Again, its the mid-August. Weird. I'll be celebrating my birthday already. I feel as if everything happens so fast these days. After this ber-months na naman. Then CHRISTMAS.. I wonder how it'll be this year. :D

Anyhoo, birthday plans with the Happy Three Friends haven't been formulated yet. Sadly, Mela will come from her class that day, so we'll have to meet at night for...I don't know yet. haha. But as long as were together naman, I believe that's enough already.


Gotta go. five-ish na naman. Muah!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Sense of Belonging...

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Hon's clan in Paranaque. Of course, it was very awkward at first since the last time that I went there, with half of his relatives was a year ago or so. Anyhow, it was so much fun playing with his nieces and nephews, and joking with his cousins on the "girlfriends" he brought just last week or how his taste has improved from guys to girls. So cute. :D I must say that it was the first time that really happened to me. Although some of my boyfriends mom's liked me for their sons, this is different because I feel as if I belonged to them.

..Even though I felt that there was a Chinese convention. hehehe. Almost all of them looked Chinese talaga. I now know how my future kids would look like. LOL.

So there, after his Tita Dolly's party, an hour later, we were chugging on halo-halo again. Sira talaga ang diet. Then afterwards, went to hear mass together at their parish. And he was telling me that he used to serve there as altar boy. I actually cannot imagine. Kidding Hon!

You know the cutest part? He said thanks na nakayanan ko daw yung family niya. Weirdness. But I'm happy because most guys are too coward to introduce their girlfriends to their families. I cant believe people like that. You know, its a form of discrimination, actually. And its stupid. How could you promise the moon and the stars to a girl when you cant even be proud of her? Thank God I never experienced that. And I guess never will be. hehe.


Last Saturday, Hon and I watched Dark Knight at G4. The movie was superb. Rachel was not. I dunno, I kinda expected her to have a helluva performance. And I couldn't get it. Oh well. Christian Bale remains, HOT. Heath Ledger was an irritating villain (which is a compliment, actually.) And the Lamborghini is SO DIVINE. Too bad they smashed it. LOL.

The scenes were nice, but I am not really an action film fan. I'd rather watch Rob Schneider than see falling buildings or totalled cars until they drip to the last fuel. Or maybe I am really not fascinated with Batman. I dunno, Spiderman still rules in my list. Its the Peter Parker kind of thing, and the broadway musicals of MJ Watson. :D


Have to go now. I'm already sleepy, even though its just five. Muah!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I Never Thought I'd Say This...

But if there is a Chinese Superman like this, Im definitely needing one right now. SERIOUSLY

Pwede namang magpaligtas kay Joe Cheng. rofl. :D


On the more serious part, I am really needing so much encouragement because I was too overwhelmed of the things that are happening to me. Its like I really wanted to fix them all, but no ones able to catch me once I break down. And somehow, Im afraid that I had this familiar feeling before. The only difference is, its not the problems of the heart anymore, but dignity.

And that forces me to console myself that I can do them all. Or that I could surpass everything that's been bugging me. I know, its just a phase, and only I, could help myself. Because if not, I would lose sanity. SRSLY.

So Superman or no Superman, I should face my barriers. I should crash them regardless of who is willing to wipe my tears or not. Jia Yo! :D


Yesterday, Jen and I almost had an accident at MRT. The train experienced a technical difficulty that it has to do a rapid stop, causing people inside to stumble. Good thing were standing near poles, or I might have been carried away too. No one was hurt naman, but still, its causing trauma. hehehe.

Hope today's lucky. After all, its 08-08-08. And happy Beijing Olympics Opening! I hope that our fellow Filipinos may win gold medals this time. Mabuhay kayong lahat! :D

Anyhoo, that's all for now. I'll leave the lyrics of my current favorite song. (^____^)

Be Your Superman - Chun Biao Yan
kan zhe wo de yan jing zi xi ting wo shuo ming
ong xin qu ti hui wo de qing yi
yue liang dai biao wo de xin liu xing zheng ming wo de qing
cong jin tian kai shi wo zhi shu yu ni

qing qing de qian zhe ni de shou jie hun jin xin ge song
tian shi ban YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL
deng bu ji dao xia yi miao zhong xiang yao da sheng dui ni shuo
kan cong qian de xiao yu lei rang wo men jin jin xiang yi
pan liang ren de shi jie li zong you man man de tian mi

LET ME BE YOUR SUPERMAN xing fu dou man dian yang yi ni wo zhi jian
LET ME BE YOUR SUPERMAN pei zai ni sheng bian yi zhi dao yong yuan

xi ri de ai si jia fei zhen wo zong shi bu tai ren zhen
jin tian que yu jian meng zhong ren
zhong cheng juan shu de you qing ren zhi de zhen xi de guo cheng
you ni de ren sheng cai wan zheng
nian mei fen mei miao dou xiang jian dao ni shi fou tai kua zhang
lian shen ai zhe dui fang shi gong tong de xin yang

teng ni chong ni bu hui pian ni bu qi ni bu ma ni xiang xin ni
yong yuan pei zhe ni kai xin zai wo de xin li jiu zhi you ni

wo xiang jin suo you ban fa zhi zao lang man de qing diao
que yan shi bu liao ti nei yue lai yue kuai de xin tiao
luo suo bu yuan zai cuo guo jiu suan qian fang shi fen mu
wo ye jue ding duo luo
sui shi sui di chu xian zai ni xu yao wo de shi ke
wei le ni shi qu yi qie wo xiang na ye dou zhi de
BABY wo zhi yuan wei ni
ni shi wo de wei yi


Look into my eyes and listen carefully to my explanation
Use your heart to understand my emotions
The moon represents my heart; shooting stars justify my love
From today, I only belong to you.

Lightly holding your hand, marriage has gone so wonderfully
I can’t wait for the next minute when I say to you loudly
Look, the smiles and tears of the past let us rely on each other closely
Hopefully, our worlds will be filled with joy

with our happiness filling to the brim
staying by your side until forever

My love from former days were more fake than real; I wasn’t exactly trying
But today I met the person of my dreams
And by becoming family, I can finally process how much I treasure these emotions
Only with you is this life perfect
Thinking, I want to meet you every minute every second, no matter how you exaggerate things
Love is a strong belief of deep love between two

Love you, spoil you, won’t lie to you, won’t get mad at you, won’t yell at you, believe you
I’ll always try to make you happy because all I have in my heart is you

I’m thinking of all the ways to draw out romantic atmospheres
But I just can’t express the palpitating heart beat in my body
It’s annoying, but I don’t want to miss this chance, even if I’m at your grave
I’m sure I want to go with you
Anytime, anywhere, I want to appear whenever you need me
Even if I have to lose everything for you, I think that you are still worth it
BABY I only wish for you
You are my only one

Yup, you guessed it right, its from They Kiss Again. hahaha. Fanatic.

Byers! :D

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Infatuation Alert!

WAAAAH! Meet my new crush, Figaro Ceng Shao Zong (Yang Qi Tai in They Kiss Again).

Uhm, napansin ko lang, mejo pare-pareho yung features ng crushes ko. Tingin nio? hehehe.

Anyhoo, I used to hate him at first at the series because he's been making a move with Xiang Qin but I don't know, he looks quiet and all. He looks like Ken Zhu pa, I meant the younger years. I'm sure Hon Hon would tease me that I like guys who look like girls. Yabang. Sabi ko na nga ba, tibo talaga ko nung past life. harharhar.

Pero wala pa ring tatalo dito...More hotness, Joe Cheng!!!! Aww, his look makes me melt then and there. (No offense to Hon, you know I love you. :D)


New goal: Learn to speak Mandarin in a few months. I know I need to have practice and stuff. Hon said that I should attend his sister's Chinese tutorials, but I don't want them to think that I'm learning Chinese because of their family. I know I don't look like one, but my Grandma's chinese too. Waah, weirdo Ria. Sorry naman, I just wanted to know more about foreign language. I kinda regret it when I didn't focus on our Spanish class at UST. Oh well. I don't need it naman, its not like I would wanna go to Spain. And you know, when I go to Hongkong someday, I wanna speak their language too. Para maarte lang. hahaha.

So this morning, I had Chinese podcasts downloaded in my iTouch. Basic phrases, though I wish I could speak fluently, (Asa! ^__^)

Anyhoo, I know that after this phase, I have yet to face another addictive series, Gossip Girl, for its Season 2! Yay! And also Heroes and Desperate Housewives. LOL.


I'm so overwhelmed with the special projects. Sometimes, I wanna do them home, but get so tired of the one and a half hour travel from the office, so in the end, I would rather watch DVDs or sleep, whichever comes first. Maybe that's why I'm always yearning for the weekend.

Cant wait for Saturday! Finally, we could have a decent date again. I know, we always meet during weekends, but its different when you know you're gonna be pampered and all. And he promised me a date that's why I'm expecting a lot. hahaha.

Gotta go. Have to make sure I'm set pa for the weekend.

Lurve, Lurve. Muah!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If You Cant Beat Them, Join Them..

Most people live by this saying. but for others, if you cant beat them, cancel your own blog and re-do all of them to another blog. Am I right Miss copycat? As Ive said, you can run, but a fifth blog? Wow. You proved me wrong. But I cannot forget, so I still have my grudge. I'm sorry but that's the way I am, especially to those who wronged my ways. And YOU DO KNOW I'm not bluffing right?

Kaw kasi eh, ang dami mo namang pwedeng kalabanin. Bakit naman kasi ako pa yung napagtripan mo? I am a good friend, pero sabi nga nila, pag nice daw yung isang tao, yun yung wag mong gagalitin, kasi suppressed yung emotions nila towards anger. Pag hindi na nakapagtimpi, BOOM!


Anyhoo, Ive been crying all night and staying up late just so I could finally finish my They Kiss Again marathon. Its just that I feel really bad for Jeannie or Xiang Xin (Ariel Lin) on how Michael (Joe Cheng) treats her at the series. Sure, there are scenes where Michael's head over heels with his wife, but then, I wish they could've made Jeannie's character a bit normal. I mean after all, they have surpassed being married to each other, so why the need to be cold with his wife right?

Oh well, I'm not the writer anyway. I just wish they wouldn't put her that down. You know, girlpowerkickass kind of chick. But actually, Ive always loved how they are paired together. They look good together on screen, they are sometimes sweet with one another that it almost want you to melt and say "I wish he would do that to me too". LOL. And how they look at each other is sooo real. I wish they're together in real life. They're quite a catch! :D

Screw Meteor Garden for bringing this to the Philippines. hahahaha. I'm kidding. Ive always loved Xi Men. (Yeah because I used to think that his glasses and the shape of his face resembles Hon. Especially their eyes. :D)

As for It Started With a Kiss, I must say that I could relate to their characters sooo well. Lead Girl character is clumsy, an optimist, very girlie, loves ruffles and laces and likes anything cute like myself. While lead male character is moody, loves to shout at people but affectionate sometimes, just like Boyfriend. I think, It Started With a Kiss is a less glamorous and royal version of Princess Hours. I don't know, I can see the resemblance to the two. And what Ive said to Imo earlier, Chino and Koreanovelas takes us places we've always wanted to go to, without spending that much. Aww, I remembered one Gilmore Girls episode when Rory couldn't go to her Asia tour with Logan, Lorelai made it possible to bring Asia to her. That is one of my favorite episodes. ;)


Enough of fangurling, I need to vent out my emotions because too many people have been bugging me. And this is not just one person, but an entire department. See, its not bad to ask for help to another department, but to the point where I would neglect my work is really over the top. Even my boss is pissed. No offense, but sometimes, you just need to use COMMON SENSE. After all, I think it should be in our nature to have that.

I'm sorry for ranting unnecessary stuff, this is my space to get the things out of my mind so that I could focus. And Ive been very blessed to have people read my posts. I mean, I hope I don't bore you out or something. :D

I so need coffee now. I'm freezing with the air con and all.

Xie Xie and bye bye y'all! (^____^)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Again...

I was hooked to this Chinese series that I stayed up until one am. I know, I have the DVD and stuff, but I was really fond of the characters and it is a continuation of a love story. So finally, after two non-working DVDs, the third one worked. Only to know that it will be aired in abs-cbn. Kamusta naman. I wont tell the series na, baka isipin ng iba ginagaya ko sha eh. And I don't wanna be associated as copycat naman. So there, I guess some of you already know what I'm talking about. Basta super noon pa sha inaadvertise sa ABS-CBN. They even scheduled it Saturdays at ten. Then I was completely disappointed when I saw Matanglawin instead. haha. TV junkie. LOL.

Anyhoo, 30 days left before my birthday!! I cant wait really. You see last year, I didn't get to spend it with my friends because of the gap that tore us apart for a while. But since the Happy T(h)ree Friends are up and running, I guess a celebration is in the works. I just don't know where exactly we'll go. hehehe. Or it may be the usual night-out, but definitely twice the fun. :D


I feel kind of in the dumps today. Maybe its because of the rain or how foggy it is that I couldn't see the buildings of Ortigas anymore. Nah.

A colleague and sort of friend, Sanjay will be resigning soon. Haven't talked to him yet (As if naman ganun kami ka-close!) but I kind of wanted to know because he's been nice and all for the past months. We even joke a lot whenever we bump along the office halls pa. Marky even told me in this manner pa "Blair, mawawala na Chuck Bass". Hahaha. See, we were kind of doing a Gossip Girl thingie here at the office. I even have an Eleonor Waldorf since my boss kind of acts like a mommy to me. hehehe. She even wears my headbands and show it off to the other officers. hahaha. Going back, many of my friends have gone already. I just hope that if its already my turn to leave, I could put even a little mark in their minds that I once became the youngest employee and still remained bubbly despite the trials that Ive encountered. Drama Drama Drama.

Now S, we have to look for a C. hahaha.


Cosmo Bachelor bash on September 11. I just hope I could win tickets so I could bring Mela there. Wala lang, boy-hunting for her. Who knows, she could find her match there.

Gotta go. Its raining SOOOOO hard outside. Asa naman ako masuspend ang work. LOL.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Foreign Frantic

My brother can now speak a little Mandarin. I hate him. hahaha.

Soon enough, he can understand the Chinovelas I'm watching without subtitles. He can also decipher Fahrenheit's songs without looking weird on whether he understood the lyrics or not. And he even learning how to write Chinese characters. In a few months, he can understand Amelie and A Very Long Engagement because he will be studying French. Life is so unfair.

Why am I ranting? Because now, he could even sing Happy Birthday in Chinese and looking like Chinese. While I, have an own morena features that I got from my mother's clan instead of my Dad's Mom. Is it even fair? I am the girl here. Whew.

I just hope that when Hon and I get married, our kids would get his features. But I love having Filipina features, maybe I'm just fond of chinky-eyed kids who are cute and you could dress them anything you want without not being mistaken as shadow. hahahaha.


Yesterday, Brenti's Birthday celebration finally took place. We were supposed to watch at SM Manila but since the cinema is being renovated, we have to move to the closest mall, Robinsin's Place Manila. Then there was a debate on whether to watch the Mummy (but Mela saw it with her siblings) or A Very Special Love (which I saw last Friday), and Mela has also watched Dark Knight already. And were left with Mamma Mia (but Mela couldn't stay for 5pm) and two art/gay film. Just guess where were left to watch. hahaha. It was fun naman.

After Rob, we all went to Mass at Malate Church. Then Brent and I went to Quiapo because he has to replace my Gossip Girl DVD that he lost. And I also bought the Desperate Housewives Season 4 because I was too bitin at the one I brought before.

And although my weekend is jampacked, I was able to accomplish the Taiwanese series Ive always wanted to watch. See, two months ago, I bought its DVD at Quiapo. When I got home, I saw its two episodes then the other episodes are ruined pala. So came July, I also bought one that's working at the store but not on my player. I tried to rip it so I could play it on my iTouch, but I couldn't rip it too. So this is my third DVD already. And I was so happy that it finally played and I slept at one am just so I could finish one episode.

Priorities, Ria. hehehe.

I know, in fact, I learned that I am very oc about the things that I really wanna do lang. Like how I spend so much on one thing where I know I'm capable of doing more things on that span of time. Maybe it has something to do with me as a Virgo and traits like being a perfectionist. Although sometimes, it freaks out people when I can memorize something in a very short while. And I remember a slightest memory. Maybe that's why its hard for me to forgive and definitely forget.


Lately, Ive been having weird dreams. The most bizarre thing is that after that dream, a certain sign or something related to that dream would appear. I don't know, maybe its just me.

Its Monday again. But I feel tired already. huhuhu. Byers! :D

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Very Special Night..

Last night, Jeni and I watched A Very Special Love at Megamall. I know, its teeny-bopper and all, but lets give justice to the actors because they really did so well. As usual, I saw myself in Sarah’s character. You see, there’s this phase in my life where this one guy’s the person Ive decided to spend the rest of my life with, and ended up being hanged on air that it made me feel crazy even though I needed to be sane. I know, its weird, but we all experience those sudden lapses in mind and we have to fight hard to overcome them. And of course, we need the help of our family, just so we wouldn’t feel afraid.

For two years, this would be Jeni and I's first movie together. Its either we couldnt fit the same schedule even though we see each other everyday or didnt have anyone to go with. But yesterday was different because we really wanted to see it. :D

Change of plans as of 7pm. My great friends wanted to watch A Very Special Love instead of the Mummy. And even though I have told Mela that Ive already seen it, she insisted on going, so that means I will watch the movie twice. haay. I really wanted to see the Mummy pa naman. Ngark.

But I love them that much so Im willing to sacrifice. After all, the movie will run for three weeks pa naman.


Hon, Lester and I went to Quiapo today. And I had three DVDs to marathon again tonight. So I wouldnt be surfing the net after this. hehehe. Hon bought me Dont Mess with the Zohan, Love Guru and Semi-Pro. I'll be preparing my snacks after this. LOL.

Anyhoo, I have to go. Just checked if I have mails or stuff. GTG! :D


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