Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Most people live by this saying. but for others, if you cant beat them, cancel your own blog and re-do all of them to another blog. Am I right Miss copycat? As Ive said, you can run, but a fifth blog? Wow. You proved me wrong. But I cannot forget, so I still have my grudge. I'm sorry but that's the way I am, especially to those who wronged my ways. And YOU DO KNOW I'm not bluffing right?

Kaw kasi eh, ang dami mo namang pwedeng kalabanin. Bakit naman kasi ako pa yung napagtripan mo? I am a good friend, pero sabi nga nila, pag nice daw yung isang tao, yun yung wag mong gagalitin, kasi suppressed yung emotions nila towards anger. Pag hindi na nakapagtimpi, BOOM!


Anyhoo, Ive been crying all night and staying up late just so I could finally finish my They Kiss Again marathon. Its just that I feel really bad for Jeannie or Xiang Xin (Ariel Lin) on how Michael (Joe Cheng) treats her at the series. Sure, there are scenes where Michael's head over heels with his wife, but then, I wish they could've made Jeannie's character a bit normal. I mean after all, they have surpassed being married to each other, so why the need to be cold with his wife right?

Oh well, I'm not the writer anyway. I just wish they wouldn't put her that down. You know, girlpowerkickass kind of chick. But actually, Ive always loved how they are paired together. They look good together on screen, they are sometimes sweet with one another that it almost want you to melt and say "I wish he would do that to me too". LOL. And how they look at each other is sooo real. I wish they're together in real life. They're quite a catch! :D

Screw Meteor Garden for bringing this to the Philippines. hahahaha. I'm kidding. Ive always loved Xi Men. (Yeah because I used to think that his glasses and the shape of his face resembles Hon. Especially their eyes. :D)

As for It Started With a Kiss, I must say that I could relate to their characters sooo well. Lead Girl character is clumsy, an optimist, very girlie, loves ruffles and laces and likes anything cute like myself. While lead male character is moody, loves to shout at people but affectionate sometimes, just like Boyfriend. I think, It Started With a Kiss is a less glamorous and royal version of Princess Hours. I don't know, I can see the resemblance to the two. And what Ive said to Imo earlier, Chino and Koreanovelas takes us places we've always wanted to go to, without spending that much. Aww, I remembered one Gilmore Girls episode when Rory couldn't go to her Asia tour with Logan, Lorelai made it possible to bring Asia to her. That is one of my favorite episodes. ;)


Enough of fangurling, I need to vent out my emotions because too many people have been bugging me. And this is not just one person, but an entire department. See, its not bad to ask for help to another department, but to the point where I would neglect my work is really over the top. Even my boss is pissed. No offense, but sometimes, you just need to use COMMON SENSE. After all, I think it should be in our nature to have that.

I'm sorry for ranting unnecessary stuff, this is my space to get the things out of my mind so that I could focus. And Ive been very blessed to have people read my posts. I mean, I hope I don't bore you out or something. :D

I so need coffee now. I'm freezing with the air con and all.

Xie Xie and bye bye y'all! (^____^)

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