Thursday, August 07, 2008

WAAAAH! Meet my new crush, Figaro Ceng Shao Zong (Yang Qi Tai in They Kiss Again).

Uhm, napansin ko lang, mejo pare-pareho yung features ng crushes ko. Tingin nio? hehehe.

Anyhoo, I used to hate him at first at the series because he's been making a move with Xiang Qin but I don't know, he looks quiet and all. He looks like Ken Zhu pa, I meant the younger years. I'm sure Hon Hon would tease me that I like guys who look like girls. Yabang. Sabi ko na nga ba, tibo talaga ko nung past life. harharhar.

Pero wala pa ring tatalo dito...More hotness, Joe Cheng!!!! Aww, his look makes me melt then and there. (No offense to Hon, you know I love you. :D)


New goal: Learn to speak Mandarin in a few months. I know I need to have practice and stuff. Hon said that I should attend his sister's Chinese tutorials, but I don't want them to think that I'm learning Chinese because of their family. I know I don't look like one, but my Grandma's chinese too. Waah, weirdo Ria. Sorry naman, I just wanted to know more about foreign language. I kinda regret it when I didn't focus on our Spanish class at UST. Oh well. I don't need it naman, its not like I would wanna go to Spain. And you know, when I go to Hongkong someday, I wanna speak their language too. Para maarte lang. hahaha.

So this morning, I had Chinese podcasts downloaded in my iTouch. Basic phrases, though I wish I could speak fluently, (Asa! ^__^)

Anyhoo, I know that after this phase, I have yet to face another addictive series, Gossip Girl, for its Season 2! Yay! And also Heroes and Desperate Housewives. LOL.


I'm so overwhelmed with the special projects. Sometimes, I wanna do them home, but get so tired of the one and a half hour travel from the office, so in the end, I would rather watch DVDs or sleep, whichever comes first. Maybe that's why I'm always yearning for the weekend.

Cant wait for Saturday! Finally, we could have a decent date again. I know, we always meet during weekends, but its different when you know you're gonna be pampered and all. And he promised me a date that's why I'm expecting a lot. hahaha.

Gotta go. Have to make sure I'm set pa for the weekend.

Lurve, Lurve. Muah!

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