Friday, August 08, 2008

But if there is a Chinese Superman like this, Im definitely needing one right now. SERIOUSLY

Pwede namang magpaligtas kay Joe Cheng. rofl. :D


On the more serious part, I am really needing so much encouragement because I was too overwhelmed of the things that are happening to me. Its like I really wanted to fix them all, but no ones able to catch me once I break down. And somehow, Im afraid that I had this familiar feeling before. The only difference is, its not the problems of the heart anymore, but dignity.

And that forces me to console myself that I can do them all. Or that I could surpass everything that's been bugging me. I know, its just a phase, and only I, could help myself. Because if not, I would lose sanity. SRSLY.

So Superman or no Superman, I should face my barriers. I should crash them regardless of who is willing to wipe my tears or not. Jia Yo! :D


Yesterday, Jen and I almost had an accident at MRT. The train experienced a technical difficulty that it has to do a rapid stop, causing people inside to stumble. Good thing were standing near poles, or I might have been carried away too. No one was hurt naman, but still, its causing trauma. hehehe.

Hope today's lucky. After all, its 08-08-08. And happy Beijing Olympics Opening! I hope that our fellow Filipinos may win gold medals this time. Mabuhay kayong lahat! :D

Anyhoo, that's all for now. I'll leave the lyrics of my current favorite song. (^____^)

Be Your Superman - Chun Biao Yan
kan zhe wo de yan jing zi xi ting wo shuo ming
ong xin qu ti hui wo de qing yi
yue liang dai biao wo de xin liu xing zheng ming wo de qing
cong jin tian kai shi wo zhi shu yu ni

qing qing de qian zhe ni de shou jie hun jin xin ge song
tian shi ban YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL
deng bu ji dao xia yi miao zhong xiang yao da sheng dui ni shuo
kan cong qian de xiao yu lei rang wo men jin jin xiang yi
pan liang ren de shi jie li zong you man man de tian mi

LET ME BE YOUR SUPERMAN xing fu dou man dian yang yi ni wo zhi jian
LET ME BE YOUR SUPERMAN pei zai ni sheng bian yi zhi dao yong yuan

xi ri de ai si jia fei zhen wo zong shi bu tai ren zhen
jin tian que yu jian meng zhong ren
zhong cheng juan shu de you qing ren zhi de zhen xi de guo cheng
you ni de ren sheng cai wan zheng
nian mei fen mei miao dou xiang jian dao ni shi fou tai kua zhang
lian shen ai zhe dui fang shi gong tong de xin yang

teng ni chong ni bu hui pian ni bu qi ni bu ma ni xiang xin ni
yong yuan pei zhe ni kai xin zai wo de xin li jiu zhi you ni

wo xiang jin suo you ban fa zhi zao lang man de qing diao
que yan shi bu liao ti nei yue lai yue kuai de xin tiao
luo suo bu yuan zai cuo guo jiu suan qian fang shi fen mu
wo ye jue ding duo luo
sui shi sui di chu xian zai ni xu yao wo de shi ke
wei le ni shi qu yi qie wo xiang na ye dou zhi de
BABY wo zhi yuan wei ni
ni shi wo de wei yi


Look into my eyes and listen carefully to my explanation
Use your heart to understand my emotions
The moon represents my heart; shooting stars justify my love
From today, I only belong to you.

Lightly holding your hand, marriage has gone so wonderfully
I can’t wait for the next minute when I say to you loudly
Look, the smiles and tears of the past let us rely on each other closely
Hopefully, our worlds will be filled with joy

with our happiness filling to the brim
staying by your side until forever

My love from former days were more fake than real; I wasn’t exactly trying
But today I met the person of my dreams
And by becoming family, I can finally process how much I treasure these emotions
Only with you is this life perfect
Thinking, I want to meet you every minute every second, no matter how you exaggerate things
Love is a strong belief of deep love between two

Love you, spoil you, won’t lie to you, won’t get mad at you, won’t yell at you, believe you
I’ll always try to make you happy because all I have in my heart is you

I’m thinking of all the ways to draw out romantic atmospheres
But I just can’t express the palpitating heart beat in my body
It’s annoying, but I don’t want to miss this chance, even if I’m at your grave
I’m sure I want to go with you
Anytime, anywhere, I want to appear whenever you need me
Even if I have to lose everything for you, I think that you are still worth it
BABY I only wish for you
You are my only one

Yup, you guessed it right, its from They Kiss Again. hahaha. Fanatic.

Byers! :D

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