Monday, August 11, 2008

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Hon's clan in Paranaque. Of course, it was very awkward at first since the last time that I went there, with half of his relatives was a year ago or so. Anyhow, it was so much fun playing with his nieces and nephews, and joking with his cousins on the "girlfriends" he brought just last week or how his taste has improved from guys to girls. So cute. :D I must say that it was the first time that really happened to me. Although some of my boyfriends mom's liked me for their sons, this is different because I feel as if I belonged to them.

..Even though I felt that there was a Chinese convention. hehehe. Almost all of them looked Chinese talaga. I now know how my future kids would look like. LOL.

So there, after his Tita Dolly's party, an hour later, we were chugging on halo-halo again. Sira talaga ang diet. Then afterwards, went to hear mass together at their parish. And he was telling me that he used to serve there as altar boy. I actually cannot imagine. Kidding Hon!

You know the cutest part? He said thanks na nakayanan ko daw yung family niya. Weirdness. But I'm happy because most guys are too coward to introduce their girlfriends to their families. I cant believe people like that. You know, its a form of discrimination, actually. And its stupid. How could you promise the moon and the stars to a girl when you cant even be proud of her? Thank God I never experienced that. And I guess never will be. hehe.


Last Saturday, Hon and I watched Dark Knight at G4. The movie was superb. Rachel was not. I dunno, I kinda expected her to have a helluva performance. And I couldn't get it. Oh well. Christian Bale remains, HOT. Heath Ledger was an irritating villain (which is a compliment, actually.) And the Lamborghini is SO DIVINE. Too bad they smashed it. LOL.

The scenes were nice, but I am not really an action film fan. I'd rather watch Rob Schneider than see falling buildings or totalled cars until they drip to the last fuel. Or maybe I am really not fascinated with Batman. I dunno, Spiderman still rules in my list. Its the Peter Parker kind of thing, and the broadway musicals of MJ Watson. :D


Have to go now. I'm already sleepy, even though its just five. Muah!

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