Thursday, August 14, 2008

I cant believe I still have a guardian angel. Well, if ever she/he does exist, it saved my sorry a*s yesterday from being kicked. And it turned out to be a good experience for me, actually. Made me focus in the things I needed to do. Thank God! :D

Its Thursday already. I cant wait for the long weekend, although we have to attend the Organization Day on Saturday, so its not really THAT LONG for me. Plus I'm not sure whether Hon and I will see each other that day, so its not really rainbows and butterflies and fuzzy feeling over me.

I finally have uniforms, but the blouses doesn't fit me. Its too big actually. Too bad because theyre really good-looking. And having it re-sized would take days again. Sad..


Ive been downloading Chinese tutorials. So at home, my brother and I would listen to it and mimic them. Aliw! But I cant learn formulating phrases. I only do words, yung iba, mali-mali pa yung grammar. Yikes. But I know I can learn. Someday. hahaha.

Again, its the mid-August. Weird. I'll be celebrating my birthday already. I feel as if everything happens so fast these days. After this ber-months na naman. Then CHRISTMAS.. I wonder how it'll be this year. :D

Anyhoo, birthday plans with the Happy Three Friends haven't been formulated yet. Sadly, Mela will come from her class that day, so we'll have to meet at night for...I don't know yet. haha. But as long as were together naman, I believe that's enough already.


Gotta go. five-ish na naman. Muah!

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