Sunday, August 17, 2008

This has probably been the most stressful (and adventurous) weekends of my life.

Last Friday, Hon and I went to Glorietta because we haven't been able to meet these past few days. So the date went okay, but then came the heavy downpour outside the premises that we decided to let the rain pass.

..But we were wrong..

And since I need to go home early due to time constraints and my scheduled sleep for the event of the following day, we tried so much to walk at the bus stop, got drenched in the rain and off to Quiapo so he could take me home.

..And then there was Central Terminal..

Because we couldn't possibly cross Avenida, we decided to take a jeepney to City Hall so i could ride something there and he could take the fx instead because its getting late. After an hour, I finally got my ride, but then we made a 30 minute stop at Recto due to the heavy build-up made by vehicles going to Cubao, etc. So I got home at midnight. Damn.



At 10AM, we were supposed to be at World Trade Center to attend ALC Group of Companies' 18th Organization Day. The guest of honor was Mayor Fred Lim. And yeah, it was catered by Makati Skyline, so I kinda remembered Nina and Avi, because Nina had her debut there and Avi celebrated her 1st year too. Time really flies so fast. I remember Nina asking me to memorize "A Moment Like This" because she wanted me to sing that for her party. Luckily, I nailed it. haha. Anyhoo, back on the event, our representatives for Mr and Miss ALC are Brian and Irene (Pasig and Megaclinic). Brian bagged the 1st runner up award. Sad. But I know in my heart that Irene shouldve won. Seriously.

Oh, and Erik Santos was the Special guest. After swooning two love songs, women went ga-ga over him. I even went up stage to take pictures of him. I'm not much of a fan, but still, its showbiz. hahaha.

Out of the two Organization Days that I have attended, I must say that this one is an improved version of it. From the venue itself, to the food (Di na Chowking!) and most especially the performers. And that makes me ever more proud. Awww...

After the event, rushed to MOA to meet Hon, Ninang Agnes, Kuya Marc, Mico and Sophia to watch Wall-E. But before that, Hon and I babysat for the two at Timezone. And I was exhausted because they kept on playing around. And Sophia's getting out of the car arcade when she gets tired, so I have to keep on playing the game, just so it wouldn't become much of a waste. But they're so cute, especially when they're playing bowling. hehe.

After the movie, she was asking if Piolo's concert is over (Because he has a mall show for his Bench scent), then told me that "Piolo is mine".. Ang cute!!! :D

So there, again, my Saturday is SOOOO occupied, I thought it was time for my Sunday to rest but then my Dad kept on calling me when were having dinner...



I had to wake up at six am so I could get into Monumento station because Dads leaving again on Tuesday and were going to visit his godmother at Olongapo (Yes, where ex lives.) Thankfully, I think he DID get out of the way for us not to meet, because it was awkward the last time, and Tita Elcy (his Tita) assumed that I have already moved WAY PAST our high school days. It was raining at first, but we had our lunch then went to All Hands resort with Tito Rene, Benedict, Tita Elcy and Adrian. See, the last time that I get to hang out with these kids were like so many years go. And now they're all getting huge.

Tita Elcy even said that I should invite her should there be wedding bells ringing already. I just answered her a simple maybe since it really is weird considering that they are used to thinking that ex and I stayed friends after these years.

Yeah, I know Ive been pretty bad at ex, but my heart belongs to the one holding my hand now. (^____^)


But I really got scared of what he said a while back..

That his cousin is considering him to work at this company..

And he should consider working at Montreal..

And he should marry a nice Canadian girl so he would be a citizen there..

First of all, I really, honestly and whole heartedly believe that long distance relationships are a bit absurd. No offense to the working ones, but as Chuck in Pushing Daisies said "Who will hug me if I needed that badly?". I know, its quite selfish but for me, it just wouldn't work. And he said he declined the second part because he loves me and doesn't want to marry anyone but me. Aww, sometimes, even the smallest gestures mean so much especially when they come exactly from the heart.

..Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good..

So feeling ko naman ako si Maria ng Sound of Music. LOL.


Fine, I have to go. Its two. I'll upload pics tomorrow or Tuesday. Hope you all have a great weekend too. :D Muah!

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