Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pat and Ria celebrating its 27th MONTH!!!

And were not seeing each other. huhuhuhu. Since Dad left last Tuesday, I have to come with my Mom to go to our house at Nova. My plans were all down the drain. So I have to convince her to let me off next week so I could meet Brent and Mela, and also Hon. Sad.

To Hon: I know were kind of in a rut at this very moment, but I really hope we'd patch things up soon. Madalas lang talaga ko mang-away ng tao because I dont like people throwing hissy fits on me. I should be the one doing that. (Or I have done that so many times already). But you know I love you and no matter where this may take us, you would still have me. :D

..Bati na tayo. Peace. You know you love me naman. hehehe.


Countdown to my birthday: 14 days!

Yay! I'm so excited for my 23rd birthday na. I dunno, maybe because I'd celebrate it with my besties Mela and Brenti again. But I dont know if it'll be that special. Anyway, what matters is were together, after six effing years. LOL.

I'm not sure if I wanna post a wishlist just like the previous years. I dont want an iPhone anymore kasi. Sayang lang yung inantay ko. Dammit globe. Um, siguro DSLR nalang. Para win-win situation kami ni Hon, he and I can use it together. hehe. But I dont know about Dad. He'll decide probably. Brat ka talaga Ria. heheh.

Anyhoo, twenty-three. Two years more, and I'll be on the quarter-life category. And I should start planning soon. Although, I'm somehow contented with what God is continuously giving me. Really.


Maam Kit is in Greece right now. Maybe visiting the statues of the Greek Gods and all. I.feel.envious. Oh well, maybe someday, when I'm really rich enough to travel overseas. hehe.

Gotta go. Wasted na. Muah!

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