Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hers was a happy-ever after kind of love story. Boy meets girl, boy fell in love, had their magical dream in an almost fairy tale land and had an almost perfect life. Girl never experienced any hardship with guy because hey, boy loves girl so much. But then it fell apart when girl wanted another story. A witch tale, to be exact.

And that's how Cinderella wanted to trade her glass slippers for boots...

Why? Are the glass slippers hurting her so much that she wanted to let go of it even though it was so perfect to look at? Or her glass slippers are getting small for her, that she needed to get out of it, regardless on how Prince Charming would re-size it for her?

Sometimes, people are just too inconsiderate that they have the perfect life and still complain about it. They could never understand the woes of other people who might be wondering if their lives could be as perfect as theirs. But still, they complain and slap their love ones right through the core.

..But as they say, karma would take its toll. Someday, somehow.

(I'm sorry for the person who would be affected by this, I just needed to vent out before I explode out of disappointment and anger. You know who you are..)


Had a not-so-great weekend. Well, it wasn't fun like last week. Mom kept on talking about how she could go with Dad to Malaysia while he is still having his seminar there.


Yeah, frustrations of circling the globe still haunts me. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it someday. Frustrations that the world has other plans for me not to be able to see wonders of the planet. But I'm still wishing. And that I would be sane to hold on to my own happy ending. I know I would. I just needed someone to guarantee it with.

I guess people has their own happiness. My love for books and shoes couldn't compare to a friend's love for designer bags and pets. And that also goes for my friend who told me that she loves her boyfriend more than I love my own. Huh? I was so thrown aback. I wanted to tell her that they are incomparable. But I just shut my mouth. I don't know why I did that. I used to speak up without having to think of other's feelings. Or maybe I thought shutting up would end the conversation. Gaaad! What is happening to me.. Oh well.


After the past incidences, I would still believe that true love do exist. And real love comes to those who are hopeful and willing to embrace every effing hardship in this world. Even the surreal are passable because they worked hard for it. As Sitti have sung:

"Maging Kailanpaman, puso'y iyong tangan, ngayon at kailanman ikaw lamang..."

Forever and Ever Hunnie.. :D Let's just have faith..

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