Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Saturday, Mela, Brenti and I meet up at Greenbelt to have an early celebration for my birthday. The original plan was to watch a movie, then dinner, but since my Mom ruined my plans (and made me leave from Nova to Makati, then Makati back to Nova again), we cannot settle to watch something that will be shown below 8pm. So we just opted to look for a place to eat and talk.

And we settled for Kitchen. It was so cute in there, in a very retro way. And you get to eat in a very huge plate. No pun intended, it was the biggest plate Ive ever eaten on. But anyhoo, I missed our conversations. It is really not enough to talk to ym or texting each other. I guess its because Ive treated the two of them as family. Brent as an older brother, and Mela as the younger sister. Good thing I didnt have middle-child syndrome. haha.

As Ive told Brent after Mela left, time really flies when you're having fun. And really, for the three of us, a whole day wouldn't do any justice either.

Love you guys, really. And thanks for making the 23rd year uber special. :D


As for my actual birthday, I will be on leave this Thursday to celebrate with Hon. Sadly, he has to work in the morning, so I have to wait for his shift to be over, then we'll spend the day together. Awww.

So I really have to file my leave now. LOL.


Gossip Girl Season 2 starts today. Or rather, tomorrow morning in States. WHenever it is, I am so excited to watch it. The return of B and S, Chuck, Dan and Nate. And the more scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. Male version B is excited to. We've been talking about it on our way home last Saturday pa nga. He was surprised pa when I didnt wear Blairbands. Thought I'd give it a rest first. haha.

Speaking of my favorite series, boyfriend is also watching GG. Last Friday, he asked me Erik Van der Woodsen's illness. I was really shocked because he said he never (and will never) watch girly series. I think his friend Migs might have influenced him to watch din. My friends say that he did that so he could relate whenever I blab about Blair to him. How sweet. :D

And now I have a reason for him to download Season 2. hahaha.


One thing to be excited this September:

Again, fill your days with books, books and more books in the upcoming book fair, now to be held in SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia. And I'll be book-whoring once again. :D


You know how it feels when you're not in front of your computer and have so many things to blog about but when its the time to do so, you'll suddenly forget what to write. And although I have blogged so much already, I feel as if I'm still missing something. Thank God for Twitter, I could update as much I want in a day. LOL.

Gotta go. Catch me on my countdown to my birthday! XOXO.

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