Tuesday, May 31, 2005

weekend fun!

i had a blast! Swimming last saturday with my friends!

i think that this would be my first and last bask in the pool for the year.. you see, were nearly graduating na. and even though im not that into superstitions, i have to believe that not-so-good luck comes running when youre a graduating student..

so anyway, JHile, Wyzell, Shang, Totoy, Tin, Lester, Mama and I went there at 5pm.. medyo funny nga yung mga nangyayari kasi umaambon na bago kami nakarating dun. tapos wala pang jeep to go there so we have to take 2 rides. (kasi si wy, marunong daw mag-drive, kaso wala daw license. huu as if! peace!) so yun, took pictures and nagpakasaya until 10 pm.. and it was good kasi it was also raining at that time..

<a href=

after that, they slept at our house at guada.. i actually learned a lot of things about my friends over the weekend..

wyzell- sobra syang malikot katabi matulog! good thing antok na antok na talaga ako so nakatulog din kahit paano..
jhile- sobrang sweet pala ni jhile? hehe..
sha- well...you know shang very well..

so yun..im sharing pictures too of our weekend..

summerfun rain_falls

belles chillin out

Saturday, May 28, 2005


i cant believe that of all people, maaccuse akong kamukha ng isang freaking BINGOT!

i mean no way! never ko syang kamukha, and never it will happen..im just so freakingly pissed dahil isang coward yung taong yun..he posted on carmela's tagboard that kamil( Jayson's Ex) and i looked alike.. i mean duh? ni sa katawan nga, wala kaming pinagkapareho, sa mukha pa kaya? heller! you need glasses man.. and a high grade of contact lenses additional to the glasses..

im having real work now..and its for business.. i just hope it would be published..although i havent done any field work since i started, im still glad to do all the press releases, and having my name on the byline.. i just feel honored right now..

i also took another department's work..i just wanted to help with the other Press Releases since im not that busy.. but then, i still have time for blogging..nyanyanyanyana.. Kuya Harold (MIS) even saw me downloading a YM program..he scolded me pero malakas kami ni JAsmin sa kanya eh.. Si Sir Allan naman nakasalubong ko, at goodluck, wala pa rin akong ID..one week nalang ako, wala pa din akong ID..anlupit..hehehe!

i really have to go now..loads of work coming up..

Friday, May 27, 2005

isang napakalaking hmmmp!

wala akong ginagawa ngayon kundi mag-friendster at mag-blog..ID ko din wala pa..arrgh!

anyway, speculations have spread that Manong Guard (Manong Solis) passed away na daw.. i mean, parang ang weird na nakikita mo lang yung isang tao lagi na wala namang significance sayo, pero pag may issue na ganito, magiging affected ka rin pala.. oh well..

im enjoying SunCell's 247 now..si Mela kasi, finally nag-sun na din, so telebabad ever kahit nasa Olongapo na sya..galing-galing.. i also enjoyed the benefit of having Multiply..may blog din dun but i love blogger so i wont trade this for the world..=)

wala na kong ma-post..bum na kasi ko ngayon..wahehehe

American Idol's Finals now up..

i wanna join a singing contest.....hopefully!


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

pang-internet na ang article...

**My Article**

click nyu nalang yung icon na MY ARTICLE to see the section na ginawa ko for Career Times..sobra ko kasing pinromote..shempre pakita lang.. for those who missed the issue last sunday..wala lang proud lang ako..tinuro nung hacker sa'kin kung paano i-open yung manilatimes na netpage..ayaw kasi kanina mag-open eh..hehehe..wala masaya lang ako..

analyzing rome..

i really think that XZENO should talk ASAP about the plans for Saturday..

and BTW, since Sir Allan's absent today, i still cant hold of my ID..

he smiledat me..'nuff said

im updating 3 blogs at the same moment..talk about multitasking.. wanna know why? because i havent had real work since this week started..consolation nalang talaga yung pagkaka-publish nung article ko last Sunday.. tsaka yung picture ni Chad Michael Murray na binigay ni Ms. Terrie.. she's so nice talaga.. at shempreh, i poured my blessing to KAI, coz i also had this EWAN Mcgregor's Star Wars and Robotz pictures.. sabi ko kasi kay Ms. Terrie, instead of du,ping it into 'the trash bin, i'll take it home na lang..and she didnt refuse..thank God..

Grabe, since wala pa kong article, i have to do an analysis content about the Life and Times Section for the Month of May..well, okay lang sana..kaso we have a SURVEY kind of thesis so good luck din kung mabigyan ko ng justice itong analysis na to..pero on the other hand, okay sa'kin ang Life and Times..sorry biased talaga ako eh.. Pano, they have nice writers and a super marvelous editor.. isama na natin sila Sir Rome na ever friendly talaga, si Ms. Terrie na binigay nga sakin yung pics, tsaka si Ms. Ayn na hindi ako iniisnab-isnab unlike other people..

i feel bad that i kinda shouted at Jasmin last night.. im just relieved na ok na kami..sorry jaz.. ;)

happy birthday pala to my Xzeno Friend---Jheng del Rosario!!cheers!

work, work work na nga..puro blog at friendster inaatupag ko eh..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

new job coming up

i so need a real job right now...

so im here again, and bumming in my ojt.. though it felt great for my article to be published yesterday, pumasok na naman ako sa wala ngayon!

at talagang kinareer ko na yung pagiging freelance intern ko..im not sure if okay yung palipat-lipat ko ng sections but i find it so stressing na..i have to adjust to the sections..parang okay ako sa feature stories tapos naka-publish ako ng feature article, tapos ngayon, BUSINESS section naman..eh ano namang alam ko sa Business? wala..i suck when it comes to money, clients and all that stuff.. im not confident about serious stuffs like these.. and guess what im doing right now? ARCHIVES.. dahil daw mali ang newscast ng bilang ng papacy ni pope Benedict dito, hinahanap ko kung saang article yun..heller! kasi naman yung isang journal (name widheld), kailangan pa bang problemahin yung erratum? eh after ilang issues naman, naayos na di ba? arrgh..ako pinapahirapan niyo..strained na nga yung eyes ko, bubulagin nyo pa ko..goodluck talaga sakin..

tapos wala pa kong assigned work ngayon..tetext daw ako ni Ms. Kay..sana lang dalian nya..im so boooooorrrreeeedddd....

grrh! arrgh!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

joke joke joke lang..

Lester: Ate, anong apelyido ni Cholo? (Stairway to Heaven)
Ria: Hindi ko alam eh. Hahn? Kang?
Lester: Pascual...CHOLO PASCUAL (As in Papa Piolo!)

As usual, my brother does his corny jokes once again. I cant believe that corni-ness runs in the family.. I have this joke on my fone the other day courtesy of Iye...

"Pano if one day sabi ni doc, you need new lips or else you'll die..
Nagpa-opera ka, pagkatapos ask mo kung sino yung donor..
May inabot na note sabi:

I have nothing against Diego, I mean he makes me laugh whenever the Bubble Gang Cast makes a fool out of him, but I would never want to take his lips...ever...= P arrgh! As usual, I couldn't concentrate again, but and I'm making plans for my future again. Hope you wont mind if I jot down notes in my blog.

1. Go to USTe to check for Commtheory subject. And ask for breakdown of fees especially because I'm a Prudential Plan owner (excuse me, but we don't have problems no, I just wanna check about them)
2. Join at least one organization or something. Well, ive already told Nina that I would join the Journalese. I so much love writing now!
3. Do something special for my birthday this year. This would be the last time I'm spending it with my classmates so it has to be super!
4. Political Dynamics --- enough said.
5. If I do graduate, (hopefully!) I wouldn't waste my time bumming around and rest. I should have job immediately. Probably in the newspaper, be a lifestyle writer then be an editor or as a writer in ABS-CBN, then flaunt my voice to them and if they're impressed, be a newscaster or a travel show host.. Yes! Kapalmilya ako.hehe...
6. if all else fail, wala call center ang bagsak ko.
7. Join at least one singing contest. If I win, then I wouldn't have to slave myself na!
8. save, save and save for my future wedding..hehe..if I find the right man

ideal isn't it? I know my plans would eventually change but its just great to have a direction in life. I wanna make my parents proud of me.. and I'm really aiming for my goals.

But right now, let's just enjoy fooling around muna.. it unleashes my human side once in a while..hehe

"one day, I was walking along the street,
I notice a little boy call me..
I asked the little boy..
'What is it?'
the boy smiled and asked me..
"ate, ate, artista po ba kayo?" =P


Saturday, May 21, 2005


::spell your name backwards:
- godnamul lezah air

::have you ever had a song written about you:
- none so far

::what song makes you cry:
- the one from sassy girl, ALL CRIED OUT

::what's your all time fav. song?:
- one moment in time?
::what do you listen to before you go to sleep:
- wave dreamsounds
- on the ears
- no way

Right Now . . .
::what color of pants are u wearing:
- denim so..blue

::what song are you listening to:
- none, someone's watching tv

::what taste is in your mouth?:
- sweet

::whats the weather like?:
- hot!

::how are you?:
- sleepy

::get motion sickness?:
- no!

:have a bad habit?:
- making faces

::get along with your parents?:
- none so far

:have a current crush:
- kaaalis lang..

::have a big regret:
- that i didnt get the chance to bid goodbye to teddy bear.
Favorite . . .
::tv show:
- Gilmore Girls

- Palmolive with Citrus and Green Tea


::non alchohol drink:
- mango juice

::alchohol drink:
- none

::things to do on the weekend:
- movie marathon

Have You Ever . . .

::broken the law:
- not yet.

::ran away from home:
- never ever!

::snuck out of the house:
- just during the day

::ever gone skinny dipping:
- no freaking way

::made a prank phone call:
- lot of times already

::use your parents credit card:
- they dont have one

::skipped school before:
- once, to watch finding nemo!

::fell asleep in the shower/bath:
- lots

::been in a school play:
- we are required to..duh?!

::had children:
- not yet

::been in love:
- too many to state

::have a hard time getting over someone:
- Patrick ikaw yata yun?

::been hurt?:
- huhuhuhuhu...

::gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days:
- one day nga lang eh..hehehe

Random . . .

::have a job:
- if ojt counts, then yes.

::your cd player has what in it right now:
- nothing

::if you were a crayon, what color would you be?:
- pink

::what makes you happy?:
- going to Manila Times everyday

::the next CD you're going to buy:
- Emancipation of Mimi

When/What Was the Last . . .
::you got a real letter:
- my birthday last year

::got an email:
- everyday

::thing/s you purchased:
- flip-flops

::Tv program you watched:
- as told by ginger

::movie you saw in the theaters:
- The Wedding Date

- my ex-teddy bear_april 14, 2005

- him too..

::song heard:
- through the fire by Nina

::place you were [ besides home ]:
- Manila Times Newsroom

- Jops

::you were depressed:
- last month

::you were in the hospital:
- when my lola was sick

When/What Comes to Mind When You Hear . . .

- i would love to drive one
- not again!

- i wanted to go there..badly!

- baby pa ko..

- my dream fone at the moment, N6230, but it'll just be a dream

- Jimmy Choos?
Naka- let go na ba talaga ko?

I guess so, because if I didnt, I wouldn't be happy for him if he found someone new. I don't know what really happened but I wished him luck. Luck for his lovelife,which I haven't done before.

Right now, I could say that I'm not that miserable anymore. Pathetic, yes, but not miserable. I'm beginning to be happy that I exist, and that love exists, maybe not now, but the perfect love story for me would happen at the time when I least expect it. And would sweep me off my feet…BIG TIME!

So anyway, enough of love lives and romatic stuffs, let me focus on my OJT first. Actually, I'm really beginning to be a workaholic, yes, I may open my friendster once in a while in the office but I really love going to the Manila Times every afternoon, I mean, mas gusto ko na mag-work kaysa bumalik sa school. Por que? Because I'm inspired..and maybe because there are nice people in the office..

Ms. Leah makes sure that we go to work. That we're not wasting our time making our asses hot in our seats. Ms. Nini Yarte made was the first one to assign my published work. When I was assigned to Life and Times, Ms. Tessa Mauricio made sure I would be comfortable in my work. She always has this smile that tells you that you're really welcome in their team. Ms. Terri Fucanan, also makes sure that I have something to do without pressuring me. and lastly, although he’s not really handling me, Sir Rome Jorge is someone that you could ask for help and he wouldn’t hesitate one bit. Even helped me when the PC unit has problems. Tapos sya talaga yung tumawag sa technicians so I could continue my work. I feel so good na kahit mag-overtime ako, okay lang…

So yun, nagdadrama lang, kasi feeling ko sandali na lang, matatapos na yung ojt ko and I have to go back to school again. I cant wait to graduate na nga so I could also work sa publishing company or sana sa Manila Times na rin..=)

and anyway, i was opening some press releases kanina and got myself some freebies pa..thanks talaga Ms. Tessa..=) i really love it here! catch ya later.. iguess ill be writing for the career times again!i hate to leave the life and times section..

time out

time out muna sa posts...Quizzes naman ulet..=)

At your ten year high school reunion... by robbiewriter
Your school name
Your name
Your job will beWriter
You will be worth$642,491
Everyone will think yougained 50 lbs
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Thursday, May 19, 2005

a new crushie

i cant concentrate right now..

i have a new crush.. his name is a country.. i hate him when he smiles coz he looks like starfish.. and he's super nice. i cant believe this...

but im happy coz he knows i exist. i mean when he saw me at the corridor, he smiled and said hi to me..

oh, did i just tell you he's 34 years old, a journalist and a professor?


these are just the sad realities in life. a guy i couldnt have.. and by the way, a guy who wouldnt even dare try falling in love with me.

i should stop fantasizing now.. still have to finish all the Prime Times for the whole week..
but how if i keep on staring at him and he's just meters away from me?

**bleep me!***

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ria nomad

im a pathetic nomad..

from a career times intern, i became a 'life and times' intern for a week.. but to think about it, i made a new name for my self...

Ria Hazel Casem Lumandog : FREELANCE INTERN

it sounds sosyal..what do you think? so fetch right?!

so anyway, i got assigned for the Life and Times section for this week coz the managing editor thinks im a bum yesterday.. i mean, how am i supposed to work if there's no assigned work for me right? but im happy with the new task. i get to write cable movie teasers and look through photos about entertainment, fashion, movies and all that stuff..

oh, before i forget, i also got published yesterday for the BARANGAY TIMES.. i mean it was so cool looking at my long name..hehehe..

BTW its about the longest running schools in Manila.. had my name on the byline with two other writers whom i havent even met before.. but i was really proud of my work..=)

(^-^) ------- (^-^)

i just noticed this yesterday but i really love going home at night.. looking at intramuros in the with all the lights is so cool.. i just wish i could share it with someone else..

(^-^) ------- (^-^)
and im so hooked on this show!


stained glass...

and also this one!
memories in bali

memories in bali..=)

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
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best physical quaility:face
best personality trait:outgoing
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masaya na ko sa ojt!!!!

harharhar!masaya ko sa times...grabe na to, kahit super unti ang ginagawako ngaun at puro blog ang inaatupag ko, nakita ko naman c super crushie RJ LEDESMA sa newsroom...haay, he's so hot!i think he's doing an article right now.. may column yata sya sa life and times or something..cant wait to tell my mom..pakakasalan ko sya! joke...

good thing i went up to Jasmin dahil sobrang bored na nga ko, tapos ung editors nagmi-meeting pa..haay..pwede na kong mamatay ngaun!!

coolness! i wish i could take a picture of him but my handydandy cam is resting right now in my room..drag...

blogging deal

Omg! I saw his friendster account and I couldnt help but wonder what happens if I just told the whole world that I love him.

But anyway, you never know what you got until its gone right? I mean if I just grasped the opportunity just then and there, it wouldnt really matter that much. I guess I'm thinking this way because I know it will cause me more problems.

My second week of OJT ends today. I finally have my 25 hours in Manila Times. Good thing I finally read my e-mails and found out that we have to do this OJT journal. Well, all I could put up is how I encoded, made a list in the library and arranged the files. After I handed my article last Wednesday, I'm just waiting to be published….finally.

Am actually doing my second one now. Its about the hierarchy at the office or something like that. This is bound for the Career Times. I found out that Career Times is out every Sunday, so how do I freaking ask for a copy if ever I could get published right? My only problem right now is that theyre not really giving me clear instructions on what I should do. Id rather be with Jasmin because she will start writing in Diwaliwan and Health News. FYI: Diwaliwan is Manila Times' publication too.. its a magazine/entertainment news. I would like to be assigned there kasi sobrang ka-kikay-an talaga sya! But I'm also happy to be in Ms. Ninis team.

Oh and yesterday, on the other computers, Friendster is really allowed pala. So instead of researching for my so-called article, ive been urged to open my account and look for people whom I knew. I also managed to organize my blog there. OMG!I'm so filthy rich when it comes to blogs. I just wish I could finish my article in time.

Am tired right now. I don't know what other assignments would be given to me this time..

Friday, May 13, 2005

bored in times


peekaboo!! im really bored right now...

so glad that uchenna and joyce won in TAR 7...now they could have a child na..yay!
uchenna and joyce

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

sorry na lang...

I hate it when I fall in love.. because when I do, I fall really hard...

Let us also add the fact that I haven’t had the chance to talk to him before he left. It's as if I'm stuck in an island of thoughts where I was ready to share him everything thats on my mind. I'm unsure of how I feel right now. Before you judge me, I just wanted to say that I'm feeling this way because in my vocabulary, closure means having to talk about how you feel, settling an agreement between the couple, etc. and that my friends did not happen. He just walked right into my face and told me "FRIENDS NA LANG MUNA TAYO HUH!" I'm just bothered because I dont know what "MUNA" means.. should I wait for him, or should I look for another person who would love me? so I really need to talk to him.

But on the other hand shempreh umiiral na naman ang pride ni Ria! I refuse to send him a letter addressed to Australia because Ate Melody might see it, or worse, his mom would too. I mean, Ate Melody and I were friends but our friendship doesnt include my relationship with her brother. She and I talk about our boyfriends, but not that she already knew about what her brother and I had. I would be so mortified if she found out the truth. But I also wanted her to be happy for us. Maybe sometime, if we decided to continue our so-called relationship right?

This is really harsh for me right now. I never really thought that I would be hurt again. I mean I thought I was this strong but everything isnt real. I'm still hoping that someday we could be together and at the same time I'm scared that he might find Ms. Perfect in Australia. I'm not sure of what'll happen. I guess its also my fault that he stopped this, I mean if I only fought for him, this wouldn't all be possible.

But I guess its too late to be sorry now..

let me first introduce you to baby marshy..=)

marshyteddy bear ko

a not so long relationship

though i havent been over the relationship yet, i decided to get on whatever life has to offer for me..after a long week slaving at the Manila Times LIbrary, i finally got a real work today..im supposed to write an article about the old universities within Manila to be published in Barangay Times..good thing the maam nini doesnt require too much work for me..i even got to take the article home to finish it..yay! and im also assigned at the Career Times..sounds sophisticated right? pero its just for the ads and some additional articles about..duh! career what else!

and i also think that my ex went to australia na.. too bad, hindi man lang kami nakapag-usap before he left..i guess for formalities sake lang ang word na friends for him..so sad..but im not pining anymore, i have more useful things to do that reminisce about that love affair..

and i finally got over starfish..oo, mahal pa nia c mahal! ala! pero i know how he feels right now..mas ok nga na nalaman ko at least hindi na ko hahabol habol diba...

and i really missed my classmates..grabe, wala na kasing time mag-net..in fairness kanina sa times nakapag-check ako ng email..ang saya lang kasi nsa newsroom ako, doing my research tapos paopen-open ng mail..sana nga minsan ma-open ko ang friendster pero dyahe nga..

ah basta, hindi na ko bitter..and to prove that, next time, ipapakita ko pa ung pic ni teddy bear ko..aka marlon..la lang, masaya ako eh...joke..

happy birthday pala to my pretty cuzin raiza,she's having her debut today..too bad i couldnt come..
gotta go...missed you guys!


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