Wednesday, May 18, 2005

im a pathetic nomad..

from a career times intern, i became a 'life and times' intern for a week.. but to think about it, i made a new name for my self...

Ria Hazel Casem Lumandog : FREELANCE INTERN

it sounds sosyal..what do you think? so fetch right?!

so anyway, i got assigned for the Life and Times section for this week coz the managing editor thinks im a bum yesterday.. i mean, how am i supposed to work if there's no assigned work for me right? but im happy with the new task. i get to write cable movie teasers and look through photos about entertainment, fashion, movies and all that stuff..

oh, before i forget, i also got published yesterday for the BARANGAY TIMES.. i mean it was so cool looking at my long name..hehehe..

BTW its about the longest running schools in Manila.. had my name on the byline with two other writers whom i havent even met before.. but i was really proud of my work..=)

(^-^) ------- (^-^)

i just noticed this yesterday but i really love going home at night.. looking at intramuros in the with all the lights is so cool.. i just wish i could share it with someone else..

(^-^) ------- (^-^)
and im so hooked on this show!


stained glass...

and also this one!
memories in bali

memories in bali..=)

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