Saturday, May 21, 2005

Naka- let go na ba talaga ko?

I guess so, because if I didnt, I wouldn't be happy for him if he found someone new. I don't know what really happened but I wished him luck. Luck for his lovelife,which I haven't done before.

Right now, I could say that I'm not that miserable anymore. Pathetic, yes, but not miserable. I'm beginning to be happy that I exist, and that love exists, maybe not now, but the perfect love story for me would happen at the time when I least expect it. And would sweep me off my feet…BIG TIME!

So anyway, enough of love lives and romatic stuffs, let me focus on my OJT first. Actually, I'm really beginning to be a workaholic, yes, I may open my friendster once in a while in the office but I really love going to the Manila Times every afternoon, I mean, mas gusto ko na mag-work kaysa bumalik sa school. Por que? Because I'm inspired..and maybe because there are nice people in the office..

Ms. Leah makes sure that we go to work. That we're not wasting our time making our asses hot in our seats. Ms. Nini Yarte made was the first one to assign my published work. When I was assigned to Life and Times, Ms. Tessa Mauricio made sure I would be comfortable in my work. She always has this smile that tells you that you're really welcome in their team. Ms. Terri Fucanan, also makes sure that I have something to do without pressuring me. and lastly, although he’s not really handling me, Sir Rome Jorge is someone that you could ask for help and he wouldn’t hesitate one bit. Even helped me when the PC unit has problems. Tapos sya talaga yung tumawag sa technicians so I could continue my work. I feel so good na kahit mag-overtime ako, okay lang…

So yun, nagdadrama lang, kasi feeling ko sandali na lang, matatapos na yung ojt ko and I have to go back to school again. I cant wait to graduate na nga so I could also work sa publishing company or sana sa Manila Times na rin..=)

and anyway, i was opening some press releases kanina and got myself some freebies pa..thanks talaga Ms. Tessa..=) i really love it here! catch ya later.. iguess ill be writing for the career times again!i hate to leave the life and times section..

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