Saturday, May 21, 2005

::spell your name backwards:
- godnamul lezah air

::have you ever had a song written about you:
- none so far

::what song makes you cry:
- the one from sassy girl, ALL CRIED OUT

::what's your all time fav. song?:
- one moment in time?
::what do you listen to before you go to sleep:
- wave dreamsounds
- on the ears
- no way

Right Now . . .
::what color of pants are u wearing:
- denim

::what song are you listening to:
- none, someone's watching tv

::what taste is in your mouth?:
- sweet

::whats the weather like?:
- hot!

::how are you?:
- sleepy

::get motion sickness?:
- no!

:have a bad habit?:
- making faces

::get along with your parents?:
- none so far

:have a current crush:
- kaaalis lang..

::have a big regret:
- that i didnt get the chance to bid goodbye to teddy bear.
Favorite . . .
::tv show:
- Gilmore Girls

- Palmolive with Citrus and Green Tea


::non alchohol drink:
- mango juice

::alchohol drink:
- none

::things to do on the weekend:
- movie marathon

Have You Ever . . .

::broken the law:
- not yet.

::ran away from home:
- never ever!

::snuck out of the house:
- just during the day

::ever gone skinny dipping:
- no freaking way

::made a prank phone call:
- lot of times already

::use your parents credit card:
- they dont have one

::skipped school before:
- once, to watch finding nemo!

::fell asleep in the shower/bath:
- lots

::been in a school play:
- we are required to..duh?!

::had children:
- not yet

::been in love:
- too many to state

::have a hard time getting over someone:
- Patrick ikaw yata yun?

::been hurt?:
- huhuhuhuhu...

::gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days:
- one day nga lang eh..hehehe

Random . . .

::have a job:
- if ojt counts, then yes.

::your cd player has what in it right now:
- nothing

::if you were a crayon, what color would you be?:
- pink

::what makes you happy?:
- going to Manila Times everyday

::the next CD you're going to buy:
- Emancipation of Mimi

When/What Was the Last . . .
::you got a real letter:
- my birthday last year

::got an email:
- everyday

::thing/s you purchased:
- flip-flops

::Tv program you watched:
- as told by ginger

::movie you saw in the theaters:
- The Wedding Date

- my ex-teddy bear_april 14, 2005

- him too..

::song heard:
- through the fire by Nina

::place you were [ besides home ]:
- Manila Times Newsroom

- Jops

::you were depressed:
- last month

::you were in the hospital:
- when my lola was sick

When/What Comes to Mind When You Hear . . .

- i would love to drive one
- not again!

- i wanted to go there..badly!

- baby pa ko..

- my dream fone at the moment, N6230, but it'll just be a dream

- Jimmy Choos?

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