Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lester: Ate, anong apelyido ni Cholo? (Stairway to Heaven)
Ria: Hindi ko alam eh. Hahn? Kang?
Lester: Pascual...CHOLO PASCUAL (As in Papa Piolo!)

As usual, my brother does his corny jokes once again. I cant believe that corni-ness runs in the family.. I have this joke on my fone the other day courtesy of Iye...

"Pano if one day sabi ni doc, you need new lips or else you'll die..
Nagpa-opera ka, pagkatapos ask mo kung sino yung donor..
May inabot na note sabi:

I have nothing against Diego, I mean he makes me laugh whenever the Bubble Gang Cast makes a fool out of him, but I would never want to take his lips...ever...= P arrgh! As usual, I couldn't concentrate again, but and I'm making plans for my future again. Hope you wont mind if I jot down notes in my blog.

1. Go to USTe to check for Commtheory subject. And ask for breakdown of fees especially because I'm a Prudential Plan owner (excuse me, but we don't have problems no, I just wanna check about them)
2. Join at least one organization or something. Well, ive already told Nina that I would join the Journalese. I so much love writing now!
3. Do something special for my birthday this year. This would be the last time I'm spending it with my classmates so it has to be super!
4. Political Dynamics --- enough said.
5. If I do graduate, (hopefully!) I wouldn't waste my time bumming around and rest. I should have job immediately. Probably in the newspaper, be a lifestyle writer then be an editor or as a writer in ABS-CBN, then flaunt my voice to them and if they're impressed, be a newscaster or a travel show host.. Yes! Kapalmilya ako.hehe...
6. if all else fail, wala call center ang bagsak ko.
7. Join at least one singing contest. If I win, then I wouldn't have to slave myself na!
8. save, save and save for my future wedding..hehe..if I find the right man

ideal isn't it? I know my plans would eventually change but its just great to have a direction in life. I wanna make my parents proud of me.. and I'm really aiming for my goals.

But right now, let's just enjoy fooling around muna.. it unleashes my human side once in a while..hehe

"one day, I was walking along the street,
I notice a little boy call me..
I asked the little boy..
'What is it?'
the boy smiled and asked me..
"ate, ate, artista po ba kayo?" =P


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