Saturday, May 28, 2005

i cant believe that of all people, maaccuse akong kamukha ng isang freaking BINGOT!

i mean no way! never ko syang kamukha, and never it will just so freakingly pissed dahil isang coward yung taong yun..he posted on carmela's tagboard that kamil( Jayson's Ex) and i looked alike.. i mean duh? ni sa katawan nga, wala kaming pinagkapareho, sa mukha pa kaya? heller! you need glasses man.. and a high grade of contact lenses additional to the glasses..

im having real work now..and its for business.. i just hope it would be published..although i havent done any field work since i started, im still glad to do all the press releases, and having my name on the byline.. i just feel honored right now..

i also took another department's work..i just wanted to help with the other Press Releases since im not that busy.. but then, i still have time for blogging..nyanyanyanyana.. Kuya Harold (MIS) even saw me downloading a YM program..he scolded me pero malakas kami ni JAsmin sa kanya eh.. Si Sir Allan naman nakasalubong ko, at goodluck, wala pa rin akong week nalang ako, wala pa din akong ID..anlupit..hehehe!

i really have to go now..loads of work coming up..

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