Tuesday, May 31, 2005

i had a blast! Swimming last saturday with my friends!

i think that this would be my first and last bask in the pool for the year.. you see, were nearly graduating na. and even though im not that into superstitions, i have to believe that not-so-good luck comes running when youre a graduating student..

so anyway, JHile, Wyzell, Shang, Totoy, Tin, Lester, Mama and I went there at 5pm.. medyo funny nga yung mga nangyayari kasi umaambon na bago kami nakarating dun. tapos wala pang jeep to go there so we have to take 2 rides. (kasi si wy, marunong daw mag-drive, kaso wala daw license. huu as if! peace!) so yun, took pictures and nagpakasaya until 10 pm.. and it was good kasi it was also raining at that time..

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after that, they slept at our house at guada.. i actually learned a lot of things about my friends over the weekend..

wyzell- sobra syang malikot katabi matulog! good thing antok na antok na talaga ako so nakatulog din kahit paano..
jhile- sobrang sweet pala ni jhile? hehe..
sha- well...you know shang very well..

so yun..im sharing pictures too of our weekend..

summerfun rain_falls

belles chillin out

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