Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I hate it when I fall in love.. because when I do, I fall really hard...

Let us also add the fact that I haven’t had the chance to talk to him before he left. It's as if I'm stuck in an island of thoughts where I was ready to share him everything thats on my mind. I'm unsure of how I feel right now. Before you judge me, I just wanted to say that I'm feeling this way because in my vocabulary, closure means having to talk about how you feel, settling an agreement between the couple, etc. and that my friends did not happen. He just walked right into my face and told me "FRIENDS NA LANG MUNA TAYO HUH!" I'm just bothered because I dont know what "MUNA" means.. should I wait for him, or should I look for another person who would love me? so I really need to talk to him.

But on the other hand shempreh umiiral na naman ang pride ni Ria! I refuse to send him a letter addressed to Australia because Ate Melody might see it, or worse, his mom would too. I mean, Ate Melody and I were friends but our friendship doesnt include my relationship with her brother. She and I talk about our boyfriends, but not that she already knew about what her brother and I had. I would be so mortified if she found out the truth. But I also wanted her to be happy for us. Maybe sometime, if we decided to continue our so-called relationship right?

This is really harsh for me right now. I never really thought that I would be hurt again. I mean I thought I was this strong but everything isnt real. I'm still hoping that someday we could be together and at the same time I'm scared that he might find Ms. Perfect in Australia. I'm not sure of what'll happen. I guess its also my fault that he stopped this, I mean if I only fought for him, this wouldn't all be possible.

But I guess its too late to be sorry now..

let me first introduce you to baby marshy..=)

marshyteddy bear ko

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