Tuesday, May 10, 2005

though i havent been over the relationship yet, i decided to get on whatever life has to offer for me..after a long week slaving at the Manila Times LIbrary, i finally got a real work today..im supposed to write an article about the old universities within Manila to be published in Barangay Times..good thing the maam nini doesnt require too much work for me..i even got to take the article home to finish it..yay! and im also assigned at the Career Times..sounds sophisticated right? pero its just for the ads and some additional articles about..duh! career what else!

and i also think that my ex went to australia na.. too bad, hindi man lang kami nakapag-usap before he left..i guess for formalities sake lang ang word na friends for him..so sad..but im not pining anymore, i have more useful things to do that reminisce about that love affair..

and i finally got over starfish..oo, mahal pa nia c mahal! ala! pero i know how he feels right now..mas ok nga na nalaman ko at least hindi na ko hahabol habol diba...

and i really missed my classmates..grabe, wala na kasing time mag-net..in fairness kanina sa times nakapag-check ako ng email..ang saya lang kasi nsa newsroom ako, doing my research tapos paopen-open ng mail..sana nga minsan ma-open ko ang friendster pero dyahe nga..

ah basta, hindi na ko bitter..and to prove that, next time, ipapakita ko pa ung pic ni teddy bear ko..aka marlon..la lang, masaya ako eh...joke..

happy birthday pala to my pretty cuzin raiza,she's having her debut today..too bad i couldnt come..
gotta go...missed you guys!

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