Saturday, May 14, 2005

Omg! I saw his friendster account and I couldnt help but wonder what happens if I just told the whole world that I love him.

But anyway, you never know what you got until its gone right? I mean if I just grasped the opportunity just then and there, it wouldnt really matter that much. I guess I'm thinking this way because I know it will cause me more problems.

My second week of OJT ends today. I finally have my 25 hours in Manila Times. Good thing I finally read my e-mails and found out that we have to do this OJT journal. Well, all I could put up is how I encoded, made a list in the library and arranged the files. After I handed my article last Wednesday, I'm just waiting to be published….finally.

Am actually doing my second one now. Its about the hierarchy at the office or something like that. This is bound for the Career Times. I found out that Career Times is out every Sunday, so how do I freaking ask for a copy if ever I could get published right? My only problem right now is that theyre not really giving me clear instructions on what I should do. Id rather be with Jasmin because she will start writing in Diwaliwan and Health News. FYI: Diwaliwan is Manila Times' publication too.. its a magazine/entertainment news. I would like to be assigned there kasi sobrang ka-kikay-an talaga sya! But I'm also happy to be in Ms. Ninis team.

Oh and yesterday, on the other computers, Friendster is really allowed pala. So instead of researching for my so-called article, ive been urged to open my account and look for people whom I knew. I also managed to organize my blog there. OMG!I'm so filthy rich when it comes to blogs. I just wish I could finish my article in time.

Am tired right now. I don't know what other assignments would be given to me this time..

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